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Business Summary:

  • Based in Malaysia, Wonderfly is an online platform for discovering and booking travel activities and services in South East Asia.
  • Wonderfly's mission is to bridge the online-offline gap in the travel activities industry in South East Asia.
  • Launched in 2016, Wonderfly started off by empowering local activity operators in Malaysia to go online and marketing their activities on Wonderfly platforms.
  • With a laser focus on localisation, Wonderfly has established itself as the leading player in Malaysia with over XXXK user base and a wide MY product coverage.
  • Wonderfly was built from scratch from RM 0 to RM XXX million with just a small funding of RM600k raised back in 2016.
  • Made profits X years in a row (2018 – 2019) with just a small team.
  • Wonderfly's end goal is to be a full stack digital solution provider to activity operators in South East Asia, serving both their commercial and operational needs.


The Problems:

In general, there are 3 main sectors in the travel industry.

  • Flights – Almost fully digitalised
  • Accommodations - Almost fully digitalised
  • Activities  – Largely offline

*Activities are theme park, show, event tickets, tours & local experiences*

2016 data point shows that 80% of travel activities were booked offline in South East Asia. 2 key reasons:

  • The majority of the operators were small businesses that most lacked the financial resource to invest in technology.
  • Proficiency in digital marketing among operators was low – most had no experience in marketing & transacting their activities online.

As a result, travellers had to book activities offline, i.e, queue up to purchase tickets over the counter, go through a travel agent for itinerary planning, haggle with multiple tour guides over the price of a city tour.


The Inspiration:

  • The concept of Wonderfly stemmed from Triston’s unpleasant experience booking show tickets in Vietnam. He spent an hour in the queue to purchase entrance tickets only to realise that the tickets were all sold out for that day.
  • Left the place feeling extremely frustrated, he then took a deep breath & thought about the whole experience – he felt that the show operator could’ve better managed the bookings and customer experience with technology.
  • It was strange that he could book his flight & accommodation online but not the activities. The whole booking experience was incomplete.
  • He went back to Malaysia to do further digging and found out that not just Vietnam, but in other parts of S.E.A (including Malaysia), majority of the activity operators (theme parks, museums, tour operators, show/event organizers) were still running their businesses with pen and paper; pretty much running their day-to-day operations manually.
  • It was a clear signal that it was the beginning of digital transformation for travel activities industry in South East Asia.
  • Wonderfly aims to play a key role in initiating and driving the digital transformation for the region.


The Solutions:

Wonderfly is an online booking platform that aggregates activity operators under one roof and markets their activities to both locals and tourists.

  • With Wonderfly, travellers can now book activities via our web platform & mobile apps seamlessly at their fingertips. No more going through long queue just to purchase tickets or haggling with different tour guides for your tour booking.

  • Wonderfly provides its proprietary technology to their operator partners to manage their bookings & redemptions from Wonderfly.


Our Product Categories in 6 key ASEAN markets (MY, SG, TH, VN, PH, IND)

  1. Attractions & Events - theme park, museum, zoo, event, show tickets
  2. Tours & Experiences - sightseeing, gastronomy, kayaking, hiking, paragliding
  3. Food & Beverages - discounted e-vouchers
  4. Airport Transfer & Car Rental - transportation services
  5. Spa & Wellness - discounted e-vouchers
  6. Pocket WiFi & Sim Card - local internet connectivity


Our Financial Performance:

Instead of pursuing the high growth path, we take a different approach by practising a hybrid model balancing both growth and sustainability. With just a small funding of RM600k, we skyrocekted Wonderfly from 0 to a RM 40 million company in a sustainable way.


Our Partners:


Business Model:

Discover amazing local experiences at your fingertips


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Market Size:

Our Purpose:

Mission : To bridge online-offline gap in travel activities industry in South East Asia.

Vision : To empower 1000 operators to go online on Wonderfly platforms by 2022.

Funding & Investors:

Funding – Just raised one round RM 600k back in 2016 from a couple of angels with a diverse range of expertise (e-commerce, finance, travel) we can draw from to scale Wonderfly more effectively and rapidly.


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