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  • The opportunity exists to invest and participate in the growth journey of DoctorOnCall, Malaysia’s household and innovative brand in the fast-growing digital healthcare market.
  • DoctorOnCall (DOC) is Malaysia’s leading digital healthcare provider delivering the broadest range of online healthcare services and content in Malaysia. Services include telehealth consultation     for both general practitioners and specialist doctors, appointment booking services, blood test and health screening services, medicine dispensation and delivery and trustworthy      medical content.
  • The Company partners with corporates and healthcare insurers to make healthcare more seamless, accessible and cost-effective through the DOCAssist (Insurance) product and [email protected] (Corporate) product.
  • In partnership with state governments, the DOCSihat (Government) program targets increased coverage of healthcare services for the B40 (underprivileged) and M40 (middle income) segment especially in rural areas.  

In partnership with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM), DoctorOnCall in March 2020 undertook a corporate social responsibility project to establish a virtual health advisory portal to address COVID-19 traffic congestion in public health facilities by setting up a comprehensive      COVID-19 health center, with accurate and updated information and allowed the public to speak with KKM’s doctors via telehealth. This was a testament that DOC’s platform is robust to handle a massive influx of traffic.     

  • DoctorOnCall continues to innovate and in the past 12 months successfully commercialized several offerings and       monetize opportunities in the fast growing and dynamic healthcare market in Malaysia including:
    • DOCLabs – health      screening and laboratory testing aggregation
    • DOCHospital – appointment booking, specialist face-to-face and telehealth consultations and medicine fulfilment for hospital groups and independent specialists
    • [email protected] – targeted at empowering users to request      health care professionals for home visits
    • DOCHealthCentre – rich content across articles, videos and interactive models for specific medical conditions
    • DOCpod – futuristic mobile clinics      targeted at increasing healthcare access nationwide
  • As the dominant digital healthcare player in Malaysia, over 90% of the online healthcare traffic in Malaysia lands on DoctorOnCall’s portal compared to its 3 closest digital peers. Source: Based on selected peer comparison from reputable web traffic analytical tool Similarweb.com as at 30 October 2020
  • Over the last 4 years, DoctorOnCall has patiently invested in organizing and progressively connecting key players across the healthcare ecosystem including healthcare providers, insurers, third-party administrators, government, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, payment service      providers and logistics fulfilment providers,
    • Having been admitted to the National Technology Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) in December 2020, DoctorOnCall has a clear pathway to becoming the first licensed digital healthcare company in Malaysia, thereby extending the Company’s lead in the digital healthcare space in Malaysia.
  • As part of the NTIS, DoctorOnCall is a recipient of the Sandbox 2 Grant from the Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Bhd (MTDC), a solid platform to nurture and extend commercialization opportunities.
  • Being the recipient of several awards, DoctorOnCall has been well recognized for its innovation capability by both local and international organizations. More recently, the Company was named the 1st runner-up in the NTT Communications Startup Challenge 2020 (Japan) – a prestigious award participated by thousands of regional startups.
  • DoctorOnCall’s angel round of capital raising (RM4.8 million) gained strong support from angel investors that include prominent businessmen and well- respected investment firms. The Company’s past achievements and future growth potential have attracted financial and practical backing from Cradle Fund, MTDC and the Malaysian Debt Venture Corporation.
  • DoctorOnCall is a highly scalable, asset-light online business with net positive customer acquisition costs and diversified income sources. The Company survived and thrived during the pandemic-induced lockdown in 2020 due to a willingness to adapt to chaotic conditions, increasing web traffic by >250% and monthly revenue by >500% over 12 months from January to December 2020.  
  • DoctorOnCall’s leadership team consists of a dynamic management team with strong regional business exposure and an advisory board with seasoned business leaders.  With the high caliber of the leadership team, the Company is well placed to deliver its business plans and becoming the next iconic Malaysian startup.  

Issues With Healthcare Affordability and Accessibility

Soaring Cost of Healthcare in Malaysia. Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) 2019 Annual Report noted that Malaysia’s cost of healthcare is rising above the global average and is among the highest in South East Asia. Double-digit inflation in healthcare costs over the last 3 years (15.3% in 2018, 16.1% in 2019, 14% in 2020) is expected to persist into this year, forcing B40 and M40 consumers to stretch their already-tight budgets to cover inevitable medical emergencies.

Fear of COVID-19 Deters Patients From Seeking Medical Help. During the 2020 Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, patient numbers at private hospitals and general practitioners dropped significantly. Media interviews with doctors revealed this was the result of patients postponing treatment for fear of contracting COVID-19 at healthcare facilities, with many of them concerned that delays would lead to costly and possibly fatal health implications for patients in the future.

Urbanites Lack Time to Prioritize Their Health. In 2020, Kisi, a US- based security firm, ranked Kuala Lumpur the 4th worst city in the world for work-life balance, with city dwellers in Malaysia having some of the longest work hours and commuting times globally. Already short on time due to work commitments and family responsibilities, urban office workers must also brave heavy traffic and long waiting times to visit a doctor – a huge deterrent to obtaining timely medical care.

Inadequate Health Infrastructure in Rural Areas. In 2019, the Galen Center for Health and Social Policy reported that nearly half of clinics in rural East Malaysia are running without a doctor. Residents rely on Flying Doctor Services, where medical professionals are flown in at most once a month to treat rural villagers. In practice, this means that rural residents go 29 out of 30 days a month without access to vital medical services, leaving them helpless if they fall ill when the medical team is not available.




Improving Public Health via the DoctorOnCall Digital Healthcare Ecosystem

DoctorOnCall has capitalized on high internet penetration rates in Malaysia (90.1% in 2019) to create a      symbiotic healthcare ecosystem that connects all players in the healthcare market including      patients, insurance payers, corporates, healthcare providers and supplementary service providers (including Financial Institutions and telcos).

Healthcare Providers. Encompassing clinics,  specialist hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, healthcare providers:

  • Medical Advice. DoctorOnCall is a rich repository of free medical resources prepared by KKM-certified doctors. Aside from content for over medical conditions, the portal hosts a forum where affiliated doctors respond to user health inquiries in real-time, free of charge.
  • Conduct Health Screenings. Through the DOCLabs initiative, reputable laboratories and hospitals offer attractive health screening packages that can be either conducted at home by a visiting healthcare professional (via the [email protected] initiative) or onsite at a health facility.
  • Conduct Online Consultations. Patients can book an online consultation with either a general practitioner or, under the DOCHospital initiative, a clinical specialist from a partner hospital. Patients may be required to attend an in-person appointment if the doctor feels it is necessary for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Prescribe and Dispense Medication. Prescriptions from online consultations are routed to the DoctorOnCall online pharmacy, which dispatches the order to the patient via a DoctorOnCall delivery partner. Patients may also order non-prescription medication without a consultation.

Insurance Payers. Since 2019, DoctorOnCall has partnered with      

  • 10 Private Insurers and 6      Medical Benefit Administrators. Patients with existing healthcare insurance plans from our partners are eligible to claim DoctorOnCall healthcare expenses from their insurers under the DOCAssist initiative.
  • Over 100 Employers. Like DOCAssist, the [email protected] initiative was launched as part of the Company’s drive to make healthcare more affordable for all. To date, 4.5 million consumers are eligible to claim DoctorOnCall healthcare expenses under their work or private healthcare insurance plans.
  • State Governments. The Company is collaborating with KKM and various      State Governments      on DOCSihat, a program to expand telehealth services to B40 and M40 rural residents with limited access to physical healthcare facilities. Treatment and medication for eligible patients is reimbursed through the respective      their state government’s third party administrators.
DoctorOnCall Makes Healthcare Accessible and Sustainable     
  • DOCGov - The COVID-19 Health Advisory Portal. In March 2020, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic,      the Company partnered with KKM to set up a health advisory portal aimed at addressing public concerns while easing traffic at overburdened government healthcare facilities. During office hours, callers could speak directly to a KKM officer via voice or video call; after hours, Company-affiliated medical professionals provide service continuity for free.
  • DOCpod - Futuristic Mobile Clinics. Equipped with a screen and medical devices that enable patients to consult with their doctor remotely, DOCpods eliminate the need for doctors to travel long distances or making big investments into developing and maintaining physical rural clinics. As part of the National Technology Innovation Sandbox, the DOCpod project has received RM500,000 in funding from MTDC.


Sustained Double-Digit Growth From Effective Outreach. DoctorOnCall active users grew at an average rate of 15-20% month-on-month since January 2019, indicating that the Company’s consumer base is not only growing but remaining loyal. The growth in users translated into an average month-on-month revenue increase of approximately 27% for 12 months to December 2020, indicating that our marketing outreach efforts have been effective at producing real results.

Attracting Over 90% of Online Traffic. As Malaysia’s dominant digital healthcare provider portal, DoctorOnCall commands 92.8% of the total digital healthcare related online traffic, far more than its 3 closest peers combined.      

Valuable Leads From B2B2C Partnerships. The Company has access to over 4.5 million leads from corporates and private insurers alone, facilitating lead generation and brand outreach efforts. Partners benefit as well by being able to provide new and relevant services that attract more business, incentivizing them to promote DoctorOnCall services further.

Awards and Grants      Demonstrates DoctorOnCall’s Standing and Growth Potential.


  • Awards and Fellowships. DoctorOnCall was named the 1st runner-up at the 2020 NTT Communications (Japan) Startup Challenge,  outdoing thousands of Asian competitors for exclusive access to an extensive investor network and NTT’s advanced technological infrastructure. In 2018, the Company was named Champion of the same NTT competition. In 2020,      the Company was inducted into the prestigious Alibaba eFounders Fellowship as one of the top 30 startups in South East Asia, facilitating access to top business leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs worldwide.
  • Grants. As one of the top tech startups in Malaysia, the Company was inducted into NTIS in December 2020, giving it unprecedented access to R&D and commercialization facilities to speed up the development of innovative new solutions. NTIS access comes with a Sandbox 2 Grant from MTDC that covers 70% of development costs. In prior years,      the Company was selected by Cradle Fund to receive up to RM300,00 in the form of a conditional grant and value-added assistance under CIP300 as well as mentoring from a successful entrepreneur under the Coach and Grow Programme.
  • Revolving Loans. The Company’s financial position has been bolstered on the back of obtaining a RM1 million low-cost loan facility from Malaysian Debt Ventures (MDV) under the Technology Startup Funding Relief Facility program aimed at supporting Malaysia’s most innovative startups.      

Diversified Income Resources Reduce Risk Exposure. The Company maximizes profits and limits shareholders’ risk exposure through multiple B2B, B2C, and B2B2C revenue streams, including:



  • Subscription Fees. Monthly subscription fees from healthcare providers and private and corporate insurance payers are a recurring, reliable source of revenue.
  • Advertisement and Content Fees. The Company receives revenue from the sale of digital advertising space and developing healthcare content targeted at public education for specific medical ailments.

Savvy Customer Acquisition Strategies Keep Costs Low and Profit Margins High. DoctorOnCall grows online traffic organically through developing medical content that draws health-conscious consumers, keeping customer acquisition costs low. In fact, net customer acquisition costs are positive as a growing number of registered users are directly onboarded through its insurance and corporate partnership programs. Low costs lead to increased net profits, which in turn translates into higher shareholder returns.

High Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV”) and High Repeat Customers. CLTV is a metric to measure the present value of revenues derived from a customer’s long-term relationship with a company. DoctorOnCall’s customers have an extremely high CLTV, particularly those afflicted with chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. requiring long-term ongoing treatment. Importantly, over 40% of the Company’s direct revenues are derived from repeat customers delivering highly attractive margins.

Asset-Light Business Model is Highly Scalable. As an online-only business, the Company enjoys relatively low running costs, with its chief asset being its ecosystem partnerships that has been developed over time. Minimal reliance on capital assets keeps expansion costs low, allowing the Company to expand market reach and increase revenue while increasing profit margins to the benefit of shareholders.

Adaptability Ensures Resilience and Anti-Fragility. In response to the increased demand for      COVID-19 health advice, the Company proactively partnered with KKM to establish DOCGov, the      COVID-19 health advisory portal that ended up attracting 3.8 million active users to DoctorOnCall in March 2020, representing an increase from only 617k      in the previous month. As a result of the Company’s willingness to adapt to challenging conditions – an essential trait of resilient businesses – earnings increased by 170%-300% during the pandemic lockdown months of March – May 2020.


A Booming Market for Telehealth Services. The Company is set to capitalize on a MarketsandMarkets prediction that the global telehealth and telemedicine market will grow at a CAGR of 37.7% to reach a value of US$191.7 billion in 2025. The COVID-19 pandemic has also spurred 50% of Asia-Pacific consumers to increase their use of digital health tools over the next 5 years, with the number rising to 91% among those with insurance coverage for telehealth services. Finally, the proportion of Malaysians who have access to the internet is expected to rise to 97.5% in 2025, increasing uptake of telehealth services among consumers previously without internet access.



First Digital Healthcare player inducted into National Technology Innovation Sandbox(NTIS) -  DoctorOnCall’s NTIS admission has paved the way for the Company to be recognized by the Government as the first Malaysian digital healthcare company, thereby elevating its market position and leadership standing.

Deep integrated partnerships creating high barriers to entry. Partnerships with many of the biggest industry players have cemented the Company’s reputation as the premier digital healthcare provider, forcing new entrants to default to costly traditional customer acquisition methods to make themselves known to patients and potential partners.

Single-minded focus on technology to create great products. DoctorOnCall prides itself as a technology company focused on improving healthcare through dedicated focus on bringing the latest digital solutions to improve Patient & Doctors’ experience.

Recruiting and motivating the best talent. We spare no efforts in recruiting, training and incentivizing the best human resources to transform healthcare in Malaysia. We promote merit-based performance management regardless of background and believe that we can create a Malaysian-based multinational.


On its journey to becoming the premier South East Asian regional digital healthcare exchange, the Company      is planning upto RM10 million capital raise to invest in:

  • Upgrading Digital Infrastructure [38%]. Covers our proprietary new solutions of Integrated Health Exchange, Provider & Payers Marketplace and includes upgrades to security and privacy features, incorporating new functions, and improving user and healthcare professional (HCP) experience on the DoctorOnCall mobile application.
  • Marketing [22%]. Investing in content development and advertising to attract loyal and repeat consumers. focusing on Chronic (suffering from long term conditions) and corporate customers.  
  • Improving and Expanding Current Healthcare Services [11%]. For the development of a medical call center and to improve medical & pharmacy management practices at DoctorOnCall.
  • Regional Expansion [10%]. To conduct feasibility studies on expansion to overseas markets and to establish regional outposts in Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Working Capital [19%]. To be spent on inventory management and receivables management.

The Company is actively considering:

  • IPO      pathway. Digital healthcare companies like Ping An Good Doctor (operates in China, listed on HKSE) as well as American Well and      Teladoc Health (both companies operate in the US, listed on NYSE) – have achieved attractive valuations on the stock market. The Company plans to list on stock exchanges in either Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Australia subject to Advisor guidance.
Two Case Studies in Market Valuations
  • Ping An Good Doctor. The firm raised US$1.1 billion from a 2018 IPO on HKSE that was 600 times subscribed. As a result of extremely high demand from retail investors, their portion of the offering was increased from 6.5% to 25%.
  • American Well Corp (known as Amwell). Backed by Alphabet, Google’s parent company which reportedly invested US$100 million in it, Amwell raised US$525 million from its 2020 IPO. Share prices have only grown since then, from US$18 at the time of the IPO to US$26 as of the time of writing.
  • Merger / Acquisition. The Company’s market dominance and scalable, sustainable business model makes it an attractive acquisition prospect. Potential acquirers include healthcare providers, insurance companies and international digital healthcare players seeking to penetrate the Malaysian Southeast Asian market.

Leveraging the power of technology to provide sustainable healthcare and protection across Malaysia and South East Asia.


To provide high quality, affordable and accessible healthcare and protection to improve the health of our members and communities we serve.


Trusted by Reputable Angel Investors. More than RM4.8 million  has been raised from the following angel investors:

  • Conny & Co AG. Conny & Co is an international investment firm that exclusively co- invests with Dr. Cornelius Boesch, one of the most renowned European angel investors who also happens to be a European Investment Fund-accredited Super Angel.
  • Dato’ Joey Yap. A member of the Company Board of Advisors, Dato’ Joey is a self-made millionaire and digital marketing guru who founded and is now chief consultant at the Joey Yap Consulting Group, an international feng shui consulting company. More recently, he founded the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a training center for aspiring feng shui consultants.
  • Mr. Lim Beng Choon. Another member of the Company Board of Advisors, Mr. Lim previously served as country managing director at Accenture      Malaysia. He holds board positions on many of Malaysia’s leading conglomerates including MISC Berhad and Petronas Dagangan Berhad, and was previously sitting on the boards of  Petronas Gas Berhad, and Hong Leong Bank Berhad.
  • Mr. Jacob Mathew.  A member of the Company’s Board of Advisors, Mr. Mathew previously served as the managing director of Deloitte Consulting Malaysia and a member of the Board of Directors for Deloitte South East Asia, harnessing over 30 years of experience to advise firms on managing their technology assets.

Management Team With Considerable Domain Expertise


  • Mr. Maran Virumandi, Co-Founder
    • Previous Program Director of Strategy and Technology at Deloitte and Accenture
    • 20 years of management consulting experience in various Asia-Pacific firms
    • Tenaga Nasional scholar and chartered accountant (CIMA, CGMA, MIA)
  • Mr. Hazwan Najib, Co-Founder
    • Previous Senior Manager of Strategy and Digital Practice at Accenture
    • 10 years of strategy consulting experience (specializing in financial service and insurance) in various SEA firms
    • Holds a Bachelor’s degree with distinction in Actuarial Science and Finance from the University of Illinois
  • Mr. Chiak Tang, COO
    • Previous Management Consultant at Accenture Singapore (+10 years)
    • Implemented transformation initiatives at top-tier financial institutions worldwide
    • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Monash University
    • Completing Harvard Medical School’s South East Asia Healthcare Leadership (SEAL) Program
  • Mr. Andrew Sivanandam, CFO
    • 25 years of working experience in strategy, technology, commercialization, corporate finance, and regional partnerships in various Asia-Pacific firms
    • Has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management
    • Holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting from Monash University
    • Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computing from Monash University
  • Mr. Norman Ng, CTO
    • 10 years of working experience in technology, management, and strategy consulting at Accenture, Maxis, PwC, and Shell
    • Won 30+ awards in local and international hackathons
    • Holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London
  • Ms. Esther Goh, Head of Online Pharmacy
    • 10 years of working experience in health and public services at Accenture Strategy ASEAN
    • Previous Shopee Health and Beauty Category Manager
    • Holds a Master’s degree in Disability Studies from Flinders University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Australia
  • Mr. Divan Vasudevan, Head of Payer Management
    • Over 6 years of working experience in digital innovation (specializing in UX and data science) in various high-growth companies
    • Previous Head of Product Innovation and User Experience at AirAsia
    • Former Uber Program Manager
    • Bachelor’s degree in Law from Cardiff University
  • Dr. Prathaban Raju, Head of Provider Management
    • Digital healthcare innovator with 12+ years healthcare experience
    • Former Chief Commercial Officer at BERNAMA
    • Member of the Poisons Board of Malaysia
    • Obtained Doctor of Medicine degree from Crimean ‘S.I. Georgievsky’ Medical Institute at Simferopol
  • Dr. Jin Ng, Medical Product Innovation Lead
    • 7 years of working experience in clinical, research, and management roles within the healthcare industry
    • Previously worked at the Sunway Healthcare Group
    • Graduated with Doctor of Medicine degree from Volgograd State Medical University
    • Has an MBA from Lancaster University
    • Completed Harvard Medical School’s SEAL Program
Seasoned Business Veterans on the Board of Advisors

The Company Board of Advisors consists of the 3 angel investors mentioned earlier, i.e. Dato’ Joey Yap, Mr. Lim Beng Choon, and Mr. Jacob Mathew – as well as the following business leaders:

Mr. Syed Azmin Mohd Nursin. Mr. Azmin is the founder of Commerce Dot Com Sdn. Bhd which is the largest e-commerce company in South East Asia responsible for developing and operating the Malaysian government’s official online procurement system since the year 2000. He also sits on the board of well known property company UMLand, also on the board of largest insurance broker Tradewinds Insurance Broker Sdn Bhd and also co-founder of Mountain Partner Malaysia. He also participates in various investments for startups.



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