#justbecauseflowers - Flowers for any reason or every reason.


The seed of an idea

Happy Bunch started out with the idea that anyone can send flowers for any reason. Or as we like to say, #justbecauseflowers. Like how buds become blossoms, we see our bunches as seeds of happiness. Made to spread. Bringing joy and delight wherever they’re received.

Business takes root

Our venture was established pretty quickly. (Many thanks to our loyal customers!) We became known as a go-to online florist in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and other selected areas around Klang Valley, Malaysia. And as we stretched deeper, our dreams only branched further and bloomed bigger.

Flowering far and wide

Today, we continue to lead in the e-commerce space for florists. We’re poised to sprout in new territories, and here we are – officially operating at Singapore! Our vision is now to be the region’s most desirable online flower delivery service. All in our quest of bringing everyone what we love best – happiness.




We’re gearing towards making fresh flowers even more accessible and affordable to all countries within the region. We want to transform the industry and make flowers part of our everyday lifestyle – the way coffee is. Many have heard of the uplifting, positive vibes flowers can bring to a person. But not many have experienced it. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy fresh flowers by our bedside, every single day. Flowers should be an essential, not a gift of luxury.

We have goals to achieve and big dreams to realise for the next five years and we are excited to share them with you. We want you join us in our quest. Together, we can make that happen. If you love what we do, we welcome you to be a part of Happy Bunch. Invest in what you believe in. Own a piece of the brand you love and be part of the movement in making fresh flowers accessible and affordable. And in doing so, let us aim to reach the stars and become the region’s most desirable online flower delivery service.


  • Joanne Ho
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Beh Lee Yen
  • Minnie Bui
    SG Country Head
  • Isaac Chan
    Tech Lead

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From the CEO, & Co-Founder

about 1 month ago by Joanne Ho


I once heard Oprah say “To feel like a millionaire, you just need the best sheets you can afford and fresh flowers by your bedside”. This image stuck in my head and I cannot help but think there’s some truth to it. Waking up in the best sheets and smelling and seeing fresh flowers by your bed can indeed make you feel like a millionaire. Because it really is the simple things in life, isn’t it?

When my business partner Lee Yen and I first decided to launch Happy Bunch, the idea was simple – to make flower “bouquets” or as we like to call it, “bunches” so affordable that people would gift flowers to celebrate the little things in life other than special occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries. The model was simple, don’t stock up on flowers we don’t need like conventional florists do to minimise cost and waste, and pass those savings on to the consumer.

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And so, we came up with a “one design a day” model, affordably priced at RM43 with free delivery. We had hope that people will latch on to the idea, even though many told us that it wouldn’t work. We went ahead anyway. The response and love we received thereafter blew our minds the best way possible. We broke even in the first 6 months and bought our first investment – our Nespresso machine, which to this day (3.5 years later) is still churning out our much-needed caffeine fix throughout the day.

We broke grounds. We changed the way people gift flowers and celebrate moments. For mum, because she made me breakfast. For my BFF, because her goldfish just died. For that boss, because even though she’s hard on me, she pushes me to be my very best. And for that amazing girlfriend or wife, because it’s Friday. We called that #justbecauseflowers – flowers for any reason and every reason. We send out hundreds of #justbecauseflowers daily and we love what we do. Now, we want to make that experience even better. This year, we’re going to introduce many value-added new features like favourite flower notification, a reminder service (You’re welcome, Mr. Husband of the year!) and even a tracking function so you know when to expect a happy squeal on the other end.

While we’ve changed the way (or reasons) people gift flowers, we’re not quite done. This is just the beginning.

We want to change the way EVERYONE gets to enjoy flowers. We want everyone to be able to feel like a millionaire when they wake up. We want you to enjoy flowers as part of your lifestyle because they are proven to make people feel better.

To do this, we need to transform the industry. You see, a stalk of rose may be sold at RM1 from the farmers who have spent 6 months growing and harvesting this flower. But by the time it reaches you, the consumer, it is sold for RM10. RM9 is made between the many middlemen along the way. We want to bridge this gap. For the farmers to make a little more and for you, the consumers to pay a lot less.

This is a big dream. Ambitious as it may seem, we’re not the type to turn down a challenge. We cannot achieve this alone.

We need you to join us. Invest in the dream and help make it a reality. Play a part in this and be part of the solution in transforming the industry.

One day, we should all be waking up with to the best peonies from Holland or top grade roses from Kenya because they’re now affordable and accessible. And someone else on the other side of the world will be waking up to the most beautiful chrysanthemums from Cameron Highlands. That should be the way. Help us make this dream a reality.

With happy hopes, Jo

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