We’re a creative talent crowdsourcing platform with sites attracting multi millions in traffic


Goody Technologies Sdn Bhd is the leading New Generation Digital Media Network in Asia that contains No.1 Chinese Media Site, Crowd-sourcing Content Creators Platform,Data Technologies Platform and Digital Advertising Platform that provides online advertising solutions to advertisers. 

The YEAR 2017

Established in 2017, Goody Technologies Sdn Bhd successfully launch 2 platforms in the same year :

1) (

An Online Chinese Media with Lifestyle-oriented content, successfully achieve 6 million monthly page views in the Year 2017 and have an average monthly traffic of 11 million in the Year 2019. is also the only Chinese Media Platform that makes it to the list of TOP 50 Websites in Malaysia (Alexa), currently ranked at 14th place in the list.

Product's achievement and track records :

  • 15 million of Monthly traffic.
  • 3 million Social Media Fanbase.
  • 14 million users in the Year 2018.


2) (

A crowdsourcing content platform which allows content writers to create content and make earning from it. To date, has registered more than 2000 content creators and has an average number of 1500 article content created per month.

Product's achievement and track records :

  • 16k Editor Applications.
  • 1,767 Approved Editors.
  • 50 Contents published every day.


The YEAR 2018

After one year of development, we realize that we should focus on building an ecosystem instead of a product. With millions of users and traffic, GTSB launch Digital Ads Solution Platform (Gobiz), to provide digital ads solution for advertisers in early 2018. 

3) (

The company has successfully doubled up their revenue from the Year 2017 with the launch of Gobiz platform, and this platform has registered more than 500 advertisers up-to-date.

Product's achievement and track records :

  • 24 types of Advertising services available.
  • 102 Ads campaign per month. 
  • 1877 Advertisers registered.


The YEAR 2019

In 2019, Goody Technologies has launched another platform called, a freelancer and data platform, which allow not the only content creator but also KOL, Photographer and many other roles that can make earning with their professions and skills.

4) (

In less than 4 months time, Cowizard successfully registered 798 users, and they have completed 102 campaigns among them, and earned RM40k + a month on average. It is expected to break 5,000 users before 31 Dec 2019.

Product's achievement and track records :

  • 798 registered users.
  • RM40k monthly payout.
  • 102 Ads Campaign completed.




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