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Awan Mega Sdn Bhd (AMSB) was incorporated in 2013 by Captain Norsham Hashim & Tuan Syed Ibrahim Mohd Mydin.

Prior to the incorporation of AMSB, Capt. Norsham who is an ex-Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and now a pilot by career has diligently studied the potential of the business in the aviation industry at the current location for the past 10 years. After the service with RMN, he worked with a prominent property development company for more than 16 years.

Later, together with a successful businessman, Tuan Syed came to terms and AMSB was incorporated as a vehicle to pursue the plan.

Besides both shareholders and directors, the members of the management of AMSB consist of experienced personnel from various background.


The project, Bernam International Airpark (BIA) is to planned to be developed within Bernam Eco-Valley, a dedicated 6,000 acres of development which was proposed by the State Government of Selangor agency commonly known as PKNS. A copy of the brochure produced by the agency is attached with this brief.

Bernam Eco-Valley will be the new growth area for the northern part of the State. Meanwhile, BIA is strategically positioned to be the catalyst of the whole development.

AMSB has approached PKNS with regards to the development of BIA and in principal PKNS has no objection towards the conceptual proposal that require a minimum of 2,044 acres of land within Bernam Eco-Valley. With regards to the project, PKNS has forwarded an intent letter to AMSB, dated 29th October 2014 (with Ref no: (8) PKNS/PKPB/2/2/2). A copy of the letter is attached with this proposal.

About almost 8 months later, AMSB managed to secure a principal agreement with Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (commonly known as DCA) to develop an aerodrome at the site which is expressed via a letter dated 18th June 2015 (with Ref No: (3)DCA/P/4/3/42 Jld 2). DCA is an agency under Malaysian Ministry of Transportation.

  • Irwan Bin Mohammad
    Chief Executive Officer

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