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Established in 2015, ZCOVA is built on the needs and problems faced by customers. With no diamond and jewellery legacy (unlike any other jewellery company), Ziwei was a former auditor, while Ziyin had majored in jewellery design. The idea of ZCOVA is formed when Ziwei noticed the inflated prices of diamond rings when he wanted to propose to his then-girlfriend. After discussing with Ziyin who was enrolled in a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) course at that time, they realized that the markup was extremely high. 

Through that experience, Ziwei and Ziyin started ZCOVA with the aim to provide transparency to the customers. Having direct and exclusive contact with some of the largest diamond manufacturers, they take out the middlemen so customers don't have to pay more than they have to in retails. 

ZCOVA prides itself on customer service excellence and aims to provide value back to customers. All the diamonds at ZCOVA website are available for customers to explore for the perfect diamond. With more than 150,000 GIA-certified diamonds on the website today, we are privileged to connect with our customers every day, providing them with the best of ZCOVA service. 

ZCOVA has also earned the award of Innovative Strategy at the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award (Premier Edition 2017/2018). Our jewellery is uniquely designed to represent art and culture in Malaysia.

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