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We provide you with industries’ most demanded knowledge from bookkeeping to GST, accounting treatments to income tax understanding, business structure to business solutions. This is an information hub for related and relevant knowledge that will definitely boost up your company culture meanwhile preserving the minimal cost from tearing up a big hole in your budget constraint like the traditional classroom courses method. Understand that with the aid and proper utilise of technology, we can make wonders. Thus, by using our platform as electronic learning (e-learning), you can monitor the progress of understanding from your staff. Unlike the typical classroom method, where your staff will be required to attend the seminar at the other side of town for a day or two, hence it might affect the daily business workflow, haven’t mentioned that during such training, students probably struggle to keep up, bored as might know the topic, fall asleep in the classroom or totally lost in pace with the trainer. With e-learning as solution, it is sure to minimize potential downtime of the company at their own pace, thus will maximize on their productivity during working hour. In addition to that, XpertKeeper is also a Bookkeeping, GST and Income Tax consulting centre that provides Outsource Accounting & Payroll, GST Compliance Submission and Income Tax Return Filing. We perform these services off-site and it is applicable regardless of your location. Our clientele consists of various types of businesses including retail, medical, legal, contractors, manufacturer, trading, automotive repair and etc. We conduct our services on cloud base which is online and up-to-date basis. Clients can be opted to access via our designated software for the up-to-date report to view on your financial information. We customize our services to fit client business needs, Finally we also provide franchise opportunity for anyone interest to be self employed.

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