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Waterbay Sdn Bhd is a dental equipment supplier for dental clinics and hospitals. As part of our blue ocean strategy, Waterbay will diversified from dental trading company to dental equipment manufacturer. There is a few product in our pipeline.

In 2015 we develop proof of concept for automatic portable treatment chair called STÜHL which we have patented. Currently, All medical operator around the globe uses Portable Chair when operating outside of the clinic. Such as dental treatment in school, outreach program in rural area even military use portable treatment chair. STÜHL eliminate labourious manual operation with a simple push of a button, increase mobility and better quality.

Showed to Malaysia Ministry of Health 2016 and they bought 50 unit for pilot project. 2017 we developed version 2 and the Malaysia Government interested to lease 1000 unit. We secured a partner in Middle East for another 1000 unit per annum

Within 3 years once we complete all the module for mobile equipment such as Portable Dental Unit (without using air compressor), Portable Light, Portable Spittoon and others, We will develop an apps that would be a platform for dentist to do treatment out from their clinic.

We are looking for partner and funding for a complete module for mobile treatment equipment with an Apps for Mobile Dental Treatment to market worldwide. In Asean alone, Estimated market for hi-end private dental treatment is USD3-4 Billion per annum.

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