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Background of the company

This business started since November 2016 as sole proprietorship owned Yng Xing and supported by Timothy. With new partners investing into the business, they decided to form a new limited company known as ‘Verve Stuff Sdn Bhd’. Verve Stuff Sdn Bhd was established by four shareholders Timothy Chee, Yng Xing, Holden Tan, and Dennis Toh on 4th July 2017. The company is currently managed by Timothy Chee and Yng Xing.


The business nature of the company is to source and import quality and unique specialty coffee products as well as other coffee related products into Malaysia. The company has created its own retail brand name for the retail outlet, known as The Herding Day. The Herding Day displays and sells all their imported products. Our first retail outlet is located at level 3 of Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall.


Both in the team aware that there is no specialty coffee retail shop in Malaysia. Some of the café do offer specialty coffee, but the proposition and education is not in place. Hence consumers are not aware the difference between conventional coffee and specialty coffee. For café owner point of view, they have the best specialty coffee in the world. but consumers are not appreciating the specialty coffee. For consumer point of view, why is your coffee is more expansive than others while I can have cheaper coffee at other shop, or other alternative like instant coffee or 3in1. Both parties stand at each side and no strategy and education to upskill the consumers’ knowledge about specialty coffee. There is no better way of educating than by consumer to do it by themselves. We encourage the consumer to brew our specialty coffee by themselves, and allow them to learn the fundamental of brewing, and tasting of specialty coffee at very convenience and cost-effective way. With these simple approach, consumers are more attracted to understand and learn about specialty coffee, and slowly step towards specialty coffee.


The mission of the company is to educate Malaysian towards quality specialty coffee. Based on our research, there are only 3% of Malaysian know about specialty coffee. To achieve this mission, the company intended to bring interesting and quality coffee to Malaysian from all over the world. The best way to educate Malaysia market is to let the consumer to taste it by themselves. 


The vision of the company is to expand our business from Malaysia to other countries in the region, to provide one stop quality coffee supply to consumer as well as to influence and educate the consumer towards quality coffee. The brand is positioned as an exchange hub of coffee knowledge, coffee culture, and coffee products among all the said countries.

  • Timothy Chee
  • Yng Xing

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