Artificial intelligence serving and doing your bidding in information vetting and que cutting for events. Well, that's us in a way.



VerifiedSocial✓™ is a platform that lets you plan, edit, upload and share your audio, visual or written documents in essence to empower your community of passionate followers. VerifiedSocial✓™ will also provide a diverse digital seclusion security, social-dynamic conversation forecast and social psychotherapy stability through the mining of bona fide information. This essentially means all the sound, images or journals you have provided to us here at VerifiedSocial✓™ will be sourcing a silver platter for what will interest you now and the nearest future. It will be a revolutionary social best-friend you will want to have around you at all times.
  • Mukhri Amir
    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Nashrul Haziq
    Chief Operation Officer
  • Haaziq Hamid
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer


over 3 years ago by Haaziq Hamid

VerifiedSocial✓™ was registed with SSM dated 23 June 2016. VerifiedSocial✓™ statistics up to date : Estimated page views per day: 337 page views / day Estimated page views per month: 10,110 page views / month Estimated page views per year: 123,005 page views / year Facebook : 1675 Likes / 854 Engaged Users Twitter : 44 Followers Instagram : 47 Followers VerifiedSocial✓™ is currently scouting for scouting for individuals (who aim to be a part of our management team) with the following skills : http://verifiedsocial.tech/about/jobs/1005 We are currently looking for a Ruby On Rails Junior Front End Developer Once you have decided to join us, please take note that we are looking for a developer that is comfortable to create an application or reverse engineer a software that is a model within the this digital age. We take individuality very seriously and understand the need of comprehensive breakthrough recognition and spacial progress report. The stated position is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia office, we offer competitive compensation, benefits and a awesome office culture where stress is never found within the office. The Role : Finding ways to improve VerifiedSocial✓™’s architectural structure and user interface. The ability to want to learn the following language, if the need arises : Python Node Angular Postgres Elasticsearch Mongodb AWS NLP / ML Stress testing VerifiedSocial✓™ platform and provide weekly reports to head management Required Skills : Sense of humor Competitive spirit High energy and a positive attitude Communicates clearly and effectively through verbal, written, and non-verbal methods Desire to learn and adapt in a fast paced environment 1 years plus of digital media experience is preferred, but will make allowances for the “exceptional” in other areas or fields. Excellent verbal and written communication skills Ability to multi-task Strong self-starter personality Ability to effectively work within a strong team culture while being independent in managing your business

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