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  1. UptownKiosk is Malaysia's No.1 Hotel Kiosk System with AI Smart Hotel Pricing! Founded by a home grown hotel operator and 15 years in the industry, he launched Malaysia's first Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk with an integrated Body temperature probe.

  2. Uptown Kiosk provides Smart Hotel Solutions to hoteliers with patented  Self Check-in Kiosk and AI Smart Hotel Pricing System. This solution links Property Management Systems + Channel Managers + OTA with real time pricing to automatically increase room sales and occupancy rate.

  3. Uptown Kiosk could also help hoteliers  SAVE over RM100,000 annually by reducing manpower costs and improving the efficiency of the check-in procedure. Consumers can experience a smooth and safe check-in procedure

  1. Increasing hiring and employee retainment cost

  2. Traditional model of hotel management often lacking in technology adoption

  3. Time consuming and possible human errors during hotel check-in and check-out

  1. Introducing our cost saving hotel Self Check-In Kiosk,  ensuring transparency in every check in process

  2. Our solution  also increases productivity and revenue by leveraging our system and new technology

  3. The self Check-In Kiosk is time saving and minimizes human errors while providing contactless check-in and check-out processes


  1. What can our Self Check-In Kiosk Do:

  2. Body Temperature Probe Kiosk

  3. Online Hotel Booking Integration

  4. Online Payment (Cash/Card/E wallet)

  5. Self Check-in & Registration

  6. AI Smart Hotel Pricing System

  7. Key Card Issuance

  8. LED Panel With Ads

  9. Check-Out Features

  10. Our own AI system is a combination of PMS+ Channel Manager + AI to forecast pricing, compare competitor pricing, alert when market pricing changed and also real time update price in order to compete with hotels and Online Travel Agencies.

Key Milestone:

2019: Uptown Kiosk Founded.

Feb 2020: Two hotels with Uptown Kiosk (New City Hotel Kajang, Uptown Hotel Kajang)

July 2020: Launching the first hotel self check-in kiosk integrated with body temperature probe

Dec 2020: Applied certification for international Patent, Copyright, IP, Trademark, Hardware and services.

Traction 2020-2021:

New City Hotel Kajang

Operation Cost Reduce 50%

Sales Increase 20%

Hotel Occupancy Rate 55%

Uptown Hotel Kajang

Operation Cost Reduce 60%

Sales Increase 25%

Hotel Occupancy Rate 60%


We are targeting boutique and budget hotels in Malaysia.

According to ResearchGate 2017, there are 6,000+ budget hotels and 200,000+ rooms in Malaysia.

Source from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/321156576_Prospects_and_Challenges_of_Budget_Hotels_in_Malaysia

Business Model

1. Purchase To Own/ Rent To Own

Purchase to own: RM68,000

Rent to own: RM3,000 Monthly

*One year warranty and technical support (Free Software Usage)

2. Own AI Software

Installation Fees: RM2,000-RM2,500

*Free Software Usage

Draw Profit: 8%

*Applicable to every booking


Uptown Kiosk is operating in the hospitality industry.

The target market are boutique hotels and budget hotels.

There are 6,000+ budget hotels and 200,000+ of rooms have been captured in the market.

The business is currently operating in Malaysia and expected to expand further to South East Asia in the next few years.

Future Roadmap:

2022: Launch Own AI System and Expand nationwide in Malaysia

2023: Expand market to Thailand and Singapore.

2024: Update own AI system and promote it

2025: Expand market to South East Asia

2026: Be No.1 in South East Asia.




To become the leading smart hotel solutions provider to all hoteliers across South East Asia.


Mr. Too, The Founder of Uptown Kiosk

Serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in Logistic & Construction Business.

15 years of experience of Hotel Operation & Management.

Strong believer in technology and  that it will transform the hotel industry and improve the standard of living.

Ms. Karen, The Co-Founder of Uptown Kiosk

With sales & marketing experience in several fields such as financial, tourism and hotel.

Has 12 years of working experience in Singapore’s tourism industry.

Has 5 years of experience in the Hotel Industry in Malaysia.

  • Mr. Ng, The CTO of Uptown Kiosk.

  • Has 10 years of working experience in the Information technology industry.

  • Expert in software development.

  • Positioned as developer in Tenaga National Berhad, Maybank Investment Bank and etc.

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