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UMCH is an incubator company specializing in the development, sales & marketing of innovative connected fitness, wellness and healthcare technology solutions, nurtured by the University of Malaya.

We developed Big Data Mining & Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to collaborate with Primary Care Medicine Department and Social Preventive Medicine Department in University Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) to provide industry accredited remote health monitoring services to our customers.

The Health Data Analytics (HDA) platform is a generic machine learning software tool using AI to produce reliable health analytics. These predicted outputs are used as a medical prognosis tool for an Intelligent Health Monitoring System that enables predictive analytics and preventive monitoring.

Our Technology is based on extensive evidence-based research that is protected by registered Patents and Trademarks.

The team comprises of highly skilled IT specialists with more than 20 years of experience in Healthcare ICT, working together with a team of researchers from the TOP university in Malaysia, University of Malaya.

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