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Meembar is a travel booking app friendly to MuslimĀ free independent travelers in search of best prices for flights, hotels and attraction activities while at the same time the travelers need to find Halal restaurantsĀ and mosques in global foreign cities. We are continuously expanding our database to provide you with the best deals and content right at your fingertips. Download and explore Meembar to become part of our fast growing community now!

  1. Compare prices from global airlines and online travel agencies to give you the best price for flights, hotel rooms and activities.
  2. Information on Muslim-friendly restaurants contributed by community users worldwide.
  3. Discover great Halal restaurants and Muslim-friendly restaurantsĀ in global major cities. Look up the halal restaurants you plan to visit to read reviews and ratings, opening hours, photos and directions of how to get there.
  4. Check Qibla direction, read the Holy Quran or listen to its audio recitation and never miss your prayer time while traveling.

Meembar project has started research and development in year 2017. The android mobile app was live in Google Play store on 29th December 2017 followed by iOS mobile app 6 months later in the App store. Currently Meembar has more than 1 million downloads from Play store, App store and Huawei gallery. Meembar has a mixture of global users from Muslim countries as well as non Muslim countries. Download Meembar today and start to use Meembar to book your flight tickets, hotel rooms and tour activities now to save your time and money.

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