Online Booking Platform for Medical Tourism. Book Medical/Wellness/Beauty Treatments as an additional activities at travel destination.




  • Trambellir.com was founded in 2018 by the Japanese and Malaysian team. The founders are travel activities professionals who worked at an online booking platform 'VELTRA', a public listed company in Japan.
  • Trambellir's ultimate mission is to have a platform that will make medical tourism more casual and integrated for all travelers around the world by OTA (Online Travel Agency) strategy and technology.
  • Currently, Trambellir is the only technology company that offers medical, wellness, and beauty treatments as additional activities at travel destinations.
  • To date, we have, 30 countries/ 1000 products on board including PCR screening tests for COVID-19.
  • In Malaysia, we have partnerships with top hospitals such as Sunway Medical Center, RSDHC Ara Damansara Medical Center, Parkcity Medical Center, Subang Jaya Medical Center, etc..
  • In 2019, we were seleted as a "Potential IT Startup" at the RISE conference, the largest tech conference in Asia held in Hong Kong.
  • The following year in 2020, we were selected as a "Potential IT Startup" at the Travel Industry Aviation Festival Asia 2021.
  • We were also top 4 finalists at the Silicon Valley Unicorn Battle 2020 in Kuala Lumpur and top 30 semi-finalist in the Alibaba Jump Starter 2020 Kuala Lumpur.
  • 2018 Medical Tourism global market size was USD 37 billion.
  • 2026 Medical Tourism global market potential is expected to reach USD180 billion.(by Grand View Reseach)


  • Other players in this market have Boutique/Agency/Coodinatior business model. It has same composition in the travel industries before OTA and hotel booking platform was established. 
  • Lack of integration such as booking process and variety of destinations.
  • Lack of transparency of price and details.
  • Marked up prices and foreigner prices.


  • OTA Strategy and Technology

We have created a new ecosystem for travelers to take medical treatment at their travel destinations as additional activities with OTA based technology and strategy. API real-time booking.

  • Transparency

Comprehensive information on available treatments and proper pricing from official partner medical institutions. Best price. No additional coordination fees.

  • API Integration

We enable strategic partners i.e., Airlines, Hotels, OTAs to promote medical/wellness/beauty treatments as additional activities at their customers travel destination with our API(Application Programming Interface) technology.



  • CASE 1 : A couple traveling to Phuket Island

After a long day of relaxing on the beach, before they take a spa massage, a man can take a 30 minutes energy drip and the lady can take 30 minutes beauty drip at a luxury clinic to relieve the jet lag and to heal their fatigue.  https://trambellir.com/treatment/intravenous-infusions-thanyapura-phuket

  • CASE 2: A family traveling to Tokyo

When the father is taking their children to a toy shop in Ginza, the mother can go to cosmetic dermatology for a facial treatment at the clinic next to the toy shop. https://trambellir.com/treatment/chanel-injection-filorga-skin-booster-la-grand-clinic-tokyo

At the same time, the grandparents can take a simple 15 minutes blood inspection at the laboratory next to the clinic.  https://trambellir.com/treatment/blood-inspection-cancer-checkup-tokyo

  • CASE 3 : A business trip to Johor Bahru

A person needs to go on a business trip to Johor Bahru for an urgent meeting. The airline may request that all travelers submit the results of the Covid-19 test. Trambellir can arrange the test at the nearest medical center. 



  • As we are Seed Stage startup, so far, we have recorded 15 transactions amounting to RM5,000 in revenue.
  • However, in the past few weeks, we have noted an increase in enquiries and revenue with the Covid-19 PCR Screening test in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Currently, we have 81 hospitals and medical centers worldwide that have onboarded on Trambellir. 


We are currently focused on the Southeast Asian market at the moment. Our target market is the females around this region who are aged over 30 years old. This is because our current services provided are mainly in beauty and cosmetic surgery which tends to entice middle-aged women more. 


Our business model is similar to Agoda, Booking.com, KLOOK, and VELTRA. But we are focusing on Medical/ Wellness/ Beauty treatments such as health checkups, beauty surgery, beauty/energy drip, dental, anti-aging to cancer treatments.

We take 20%(in average) commission from partner institutions.


  • In 2018, Medical Tourism global market size was USD 37 billion.
  • In 2026, Medical Tourism global market potential is expected to be USD 180 billion.(by Grand View Reseach)
  • 22% YOY Growth.
  • More than 50% was spent in the Asian region.
  • More than 50% accounts for Cosmetic, Dental and other treatments. This shows that Medical Tourism does not only revolve around treatment relating to intractable diseases or difficult surgeries.


Other players in this market are targeting PATIENTS (above 50 years old)


Trambellir is looking to raise a maximum of RM 2 million. The funds will be used to further develop the Trambellir platform to include a multi-language option, payment solutions, multi-currency and an API for real time booking solution. Portions of the funds will also be used for marketing and to improve customer relations. 


Trambellir wants to become the premier platform for medical tourism that will seamlessly assist people to enjoy their holiday anywhere in the world while at the same time, staying healthy. We believe that we have the right teams that will be able to execute the vision. 


We have 1 angel investor, Mr Hoshi, who is a Japanese business owner. Mr Hoshi invested RM200,000 during pre-seed round which closed in Oct 2019 at a pre-money valuation of RM4Mil.


SO IIZUKA (Chief Executive Officer)

  •  Serial entrepreneur who has 22 years experiences in advertising and consultancy business. Have been managed few enterprises in Tokyo, Singapore,and KL for 15 years entrepreneurial experience. 

NAOYUKI MATSUO (Chief Technology Offier)

  • Former CTO of VELTRA, and has deep understanding of the IT resources and investment required in each phase from company's progress startup to IPO.

JAMALUDIN ZAKARIA (Chief Financial Officer)

  • 25 years experience in finance business. Senior role in investment banking including Credit Suisse and Macquarie and HSBC Malaysia.


Dr.Toshiyuki Aoki

As a platform for medical treatment booking services, we are committed to pay close attention to our reliability and dependability. To ensure this, Dr Toshiyuki who is a Japanese physician forms part of the team tasked to closely monitor and review our services.

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