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There are 61.8 million singles Muslim in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore based on Nationals Census, World Bank Report and in-house analysis.

TillJannah Sdn. Bhd. was established to help solve this problem by providing a platform that allows singles Muslim to find their potential life partner. Currently, TillJannah.my has more than 300,000 registered subscribers and increasing at double digit growth rate. 

Other than providing a database for singles Muslim, TillJannah.my also acts as a knowledge-sharing medium by giving talks, seminars, courses or even initiating community service and volunteering activity. The topics are not only limited to marital issues but also includes self-improvement courses such as financial management, personal appearance, stress management, and many more.

TillJannah.my seeks to raise up to RM4.7 million in exchange of up to 20% equity shareholding in the company, at a pre-money valuation of RM18.8 million. The funds will be strategically utilised for platform enhancement, new product development, digital marketing and other working capital as well as regional expansion with allocations of 20%, 35%, 30% and 15% respectively. 



Interestingly, we found out that most of the singles are not actually avoiding marriage but they find it really hard to meet the suitable one. It is also found that some of them are too engaged with career commitments thus have no time to go out and mingle.

On the other hand, the existing matchmaking platforms like Tinder and match.com may not suit their characteristics.

In this digital era where most of use smartphone, an online dating site or a matchmaking portal is significantly practical experience in which considered more effective alternative than the classical approach.

However, to find services that are Shariah-compliant, trusted and reliable for Muslim is a challenge and limited. This problem sparks us to provide an effective service and database for the singles in identifying their potential life partner.



Our portal has more than 300,000 subscribers across the country with various backgrounds. Moreover, our registration process is remarkably very easy to understand for those who are still new to dating or matchmaking portals yet has rigorous filtering process.

There are a lot of choices that may suit our users’ preference. We believe that there is a high chance for all serious candidates to find the right one. Also, we have implemented the filtration system and algorithm on our portal. This system allows our subscribers to narrow down their choices based on age, career, level of education, place of birth, marital status (single mother/father or single woman/man) and current location.

Apart from that, TillJannah.my can be accessed through web and mobile applications. Our mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS users. In addition, we are currently planning to introduce speed dating and matchmaking service starting 2021. 

On the other hand, our team can be reached easily through the messenger provided in the portal (tawk.to), social media (Facebook and Instagram), WhatsApp as well as email. Whereas, all necessary details are available in our portal and mobile application.



Most people, if not all people, dreams to have their own family, having kids and continuing their lineage. Nevertheless, career commitments, shyness, lack of self-confidence and also social anxiety have distanced themselves from materialising the dreams.

Hence, with the existence of TillJannah.my, we have come up with a simple login to our web and mobile applications in achieving one’s dream to find a life partner. Our platform has a huge database for those who are looking for a potential life partner. In fact, we are not only providing them a database but also helping our users to prepare themselves for marriage. Besides that, TillJannah.my have conducted several courses on financial management, family planning knowledge, personal grooming, stress management and emotional intelligence knowledge.

We also provide convenient medium of communication in TillJannah.my to increase interaction among users. With that, we hope that active communications will help grow the probability of meeting the right one for all subscribers.



Based on our records, there are nearly 1,000 couples have found their potential partner using our portal. We believe that this figures will grow even bigger in the future given the reliable platform experiences and the testimonials that we received from our subscribers.

Currently, we have more than 300,000 registered users. In addition, our sales are expected to reach RM1 million mark by the end of this year and expected to double up in the coming years based on our historical track records.

Moreover, TillJannah Sdn. Bhd. also plans to expand organically and inorganically our offerings to Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore by mid-year 2021 before we expand our business to global Muslim markets eventually.

Other than that, we have developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. Our technology team will ensure that our mobile app user experience is improving from time to time.


Moreover, TillJannah Sdn. Bhd. also plans to expand its market to Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore by mid-year 2021 before we broaden our business to worldwide market involving Muslim countries in the upcoming three years.

We have also developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. Our IT team will ensure that our mobile app user experience is improved and enhanced from time to time.



For the past few years, we have placed TillJannah.my as the most look after Shariah-compliant online dating site for singles Muslim. Our technology team has evaluated every feedback received from the subscribers to ensure that our website and mobile app users experience getting better over time. On the other hand, we have increased our brand equity, TillJannah.my, through unceasing works in digital media platforms and billboards.

Our current database has now reached more than 300,000 registered subscribers and this proves a rapid growth in a short period of time. Despite our rigorous SOP in evaluating the registered subscribers, TillJannah.my have successfully approved more than 80,000 subscribers with complete profiles.

Looking at the latest trend, we believe that online dating portal is no longer unknown and has in fact risen significantly not only in Malaysia but worldwide. This will be the golden opportunity that can be further explored by TillJannah.my in the near future.

Now, we can confidently say that thousands of our users have successfully met their potential spouse and this can be proven by looking at some of our testimonials provided below.



Currently, TillJannah.my offers all subscribers to open for a premium account. They are allowed to choose subscriptions for either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. 

However, they have an option to be regular subscribers instead of subscribing the premium account. Nevertheless, regular subscribers are only given the choice to view all the information of other users but are not allowed to start conversation with other subscribers. 

Hence, Tilljannah.my is monetized through premium subscriptions and other product features (new). Having said that, premium account holders will enjoy privileges such as seminars, courses, and many more.



Our target market is singles Muslim in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore who are serious in searching for a lifetime partner. There are 61.8 million untapped singles Muslim in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore based on Nationals Census, World Bank Report and in-house analysis.

In addition, it is believed that the number will be greater if we add up the singles Muslim globally. 



Our main peers are Tinder and Match.com. Nevertheless, these platforms offer difference users experience and characteristics that may not suits the singles Muslim. Hence, TillJannah.my has successfully fill  up the gap that provide similar service focusing in this niche. Even so, our team at TillJannah.my will always make sure that our service is remain relevant in order to enriching our customer experience.


With this ECF Round, we are aiming to raise up to MYR4.7 million at a pre-money valuation of MYR18.8 millions for  20% equity in Tilljannah Sdn. Bhd.



We aim to be the trusted and preferred dating site specifically for singles Muslim in Southeast Asia and around the world that provides diverse subscribers and services.



To this day, co-founder, Mr. Akmal Rahimi and Khairul Fadhli as well as Naliv Capital have invested a total of RM60,000 in TillJannah Sdn. Bhd. Hence, this ECF Round is the first fund raising exercise for Tilljannah Sdn. Bhd.



Khairul Fadhli (Co-founder, CEO)

Earned his Master Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor Degree in Business Management (International Business) from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). Worked as a lecturer at University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah. Experienced in working as a Diplomatic Administrative Officer (Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik) at several ministries in Malaysia. Apart from his experiences in handling a number of businesses and projects, Mr. Khairul Fadhli is also a book writer who focuses on financial issues. Excitingly, his book had been published by a reputable publisher in Malaysia.



Ir. Akmal Rahimi (Co-founder)

Earned his Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Bristol, United Kingdom. Mr. Akmal Rahimi has working experience in GLC for several years, a statutory body and a reputable private company in Malaysia. He also has many years of experience in consultancy concerning issue such as sustainable energy developments. Currently, Mr. Akmal Rahimi is expanding his passion in E-commerce.



Khairul Fadhli (CEO)

Mr. Khairul Fadhli has built up TillJannah.my beginning from nothing to what can be deemed as success today. He is ready and fully prepared to bring TillJannah.my to a higher level in the near future, equipped with all sorts of short-term and long-term planning.



Mohd Nor Saiful (COO)

Graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration. Responsible in managing portal and corporate relationship since the beginning of TillJannah.my. Aims to bring TillJannah to a higher position in line with world’s other successful online dating sites.



Mohamad Aminuddin (CTO)

Graduated in Diploma of Programming. He has 5 years in Web Development and is currently bringing his end game in developing TillJannah.my website and mobile applications. Mr. Mohammad Aminuddin will ensure that our user experience is consistently improved and enhanced.



Siti Noor Fatimah (Executive)

Years of experience in customer relationships, she uses her paramount skills in stabilising TillJannah.my framework while being a super-mother of three beautiful kids. Madam Siti Noor Fatimah takes charge in managing customer relations by analysing interactions with our past, current and potential customers.



Farah Salha (Executive)

Graduated from National University of Ireland in MB BCH BAO (2014). Starts to get involved in business field since 2018. Currently, Madam Farah Salha is committed in TillJannah.my managing operation and creative contents of our portal. She is also responsible in creating useful contents and responding to our user feedbacks and complaints.


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  1. Nadzif and partner, Wanita Hari Ini, TV3



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