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Thermasite Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TMSB) is a company incorporated in 2018 under the Malaysian Company’s Act 2016. . The company has been actively involved in formulating a rice husk composite resin for extrusion and injection molding of products. The resin is called ‘THERMASITE’ .

The core business of TMSB will be to produce composite resin manufactured from non bio-degradable waste material mainly plastics , rice husk and used tyres. The raw materials are cleaned, crushed, dried and palletized into various grades depending on the loading and mechanical strength required.

Thermasite can be injection molded to intricate shapes and extruded to various forms. Colour compounding is highly possible but will depend on the base colour of the waste plastics. Thermasite does not allow algae to form on its surface even if left exposed externally for long periods. Thermasite acts as a good insulator against the cold and heat and also acts as a sound barrier. Thermasite panels will save a lot of energy due to the insulating properties. Ideal for use in cold countries and ideal for sound proof requirement.

The products intended by TMSB shall be classified into the following sectors: -

  1. Timber Substitute (building & construction, furniture, etc.)
  2. Lighting Industry -LED
  3. Air and sea shipment
  4. Agriculture and landscaping
  5. Mining industry
  6. Electronics
  7. Sports & recreational.

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