Feel your car clean again at Home or Office


eWype Mobile Carwash & Detailing- eWype is a new car wash delivery technology offering a superior approach to washing vehicles. The company is the first in the area to offer an online-based, professional hand service. eWype utilizes vans as delivery vehicles and comes with full uniforms. It brings along all the professional tools, water, and electric supply needed for a high-quality wash. The service delivers car wash and detailing door-to-door, anytime and anywhere, whether the customer is at home or in the office. This is much needed in today’s society, where consumers expect to receive what they want, when they want and wherever they want. 

Our staff undergo more than 100 hours of training before they service cars. Our trainer is from Chemical Guys, one of the best brands in the car wash industry. Staff receive extensive car detailing training, including washing, waxing, seat cleaning and headlight polishing. Our staff will be offering professional car wash services with SOP and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 


  • Peter Phang

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