The Hive Sdn Bhd is South East First Consumer Goods Zero Waste Solution. 
The Hive opened South East Asia First Zero Waste Concept store in early 2016 in Bangsar, KL.
We now offers 4 shops locations, 4 kiosks locations and 15+ point of sales including Jaya, B.I.G. 

We provide package free:  
prime dry organic/ natural foods as well as organic wet directly from the farms food. 
As well as artisan, locally made: organic pasta, chocolate, jam, soy sauce... all sorts of condiments as well as bread, kefir, kombucha...

We provide zero waste alternative to kitchen/ bathroom.... FMG. 

We work hand in hand with our community:
-  promoting our local organic farms products 
- collect community e-waste 
- collect community prescription glasses
- collect used clothes/ accessories 
- We donate or offer at heavily discounted cost our washable sanity pads to:
        - local female shelters
         -low income schools 
- We work with UNHRC and provide work to local female seamstresses 
- We empower female entrepreneurs through our suppliers chain. 
- We offer weekly workshops in order to lower individual carbon emission on composting/ edible gardening/ basic sewing skills/ vegan local cuisine/ living zero waste tips....

The Hive is providing citizens a solution to a low carbon emission life-style as well as better community centric living.


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