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Tejavoo.com is an online lokal marketplace, providing various stores of wide collective local brands and handicrafts from around Malaysia. We’re bringing an open ended collection of unique handicrafts, tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, bags, shoes, hats, ins and outs. If you want to buy it, we got them all covered here in Tejavoo.com, only by one condition: Lokals only!

In Tejavoo.com, we believe it is the perfect time for Malaysia youth to open their eyes to the beauty of local treasures and to further:

Create market power of local brands to support market domination of local products in Malaysia’s fashion and handicraft industry

Support local fashion brands to grow and be widely known in the nation for their quality and uniqueness

Empower local brands to go international and show the world how good our products really are

Tejavoo.com is registered under These People Ventures, we are committed to empower local products and handicrafts through information and technology.

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