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TAPAU is a collective of creatives providing online platform, video and event services while championing the independent community and movement.

TAPAU started off as a one-man bedroom production house focused on producing shows on on youtube in 2010.

In 2014, we made history when TAPAUfest was succesfully organised setting the record as the biggest crowdfunded project in South East Asia.

The next year in 2015, we secured seed funding to setup TAPAUtv as a media that champions the local indie scene. The core of our business is in content production and event organisation while the website works as an online channel hosting original shows that promotes local indie artists. Last year we organised the first ever TAPAUawards which celebrates creative talents from the indie community. Throughout these 5 years we have worked with brands such as Vans, TM, Maxis, Grab, TuneTalk, Media Prima and Astro.

In 2020,  we launched our prototype for TAPAUasia at live.TAPAU.asia as we shift our business from depending on production and events heavily effected by Covid 19, to becoming an Online Platform that hosts livestreaming shows by independent creators to help them generate income. TAPAUasia aims to be the Home of South East Asia's indie community.

What we do
1. Online Platform - Our websites and social medias are the home for Malaysia's indie community.
2. Original Shows - We specialise in conceptualising and executing original video contents targeted towards the youth segment for the online platform.
3. Video Services - From video production to livestreaming, from commercial to corporate, we TAPAU.
4. Event Services - We curate and organise festivals, concerts, award shows, e-sports tournament, screenings, talks and tours.

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