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We are an integrated property technology service group, which provides a wide range of services in real estate brokerage and project marketing, property management for boutique and high-end properties and professional training in real estate consultancy. 

Via integration and partnership with Affilliate Marketing Network we are leveraging on the vast number of marketers to indirectly act as sales agent proxy. Through the aforementioned link; we will be able to have a staggering number of sales force which benefits not only us but also marketers in and real estate agencies in gaining additional income as a refferrer/property negotiator and selling property quicker. 

As we offers a wide range of services; this too means that marketers not only earn from a single sale per transaction but instead they are able to generate more income via the various other services which we provide such as rental income, interior design, new project sale, sub-sale of property, and training registration.

  • Many properties are being unsold, and the market now has an overdemand of supply and are looking for more ways to disburse.
  • Property agencies are facing the growing pain of not having enough sales force to grow and market new project and sub-sale developments
  • Lack of training and knowledge transfer in which property agents are not reaching their full potential in closing deals and sales.
  • Landlords who owns multiple properties do not have a proper system to manage tenants.

An integrated property service system which caters to a multitude of usage for sellers and consumer. Our solutions are targeted to fulfilling a need in the market by adopting to the new digitalize climate. In turn, saving cost and increasing productivity and results.

  • Property Listing Platform with a 360’ view walkthrough so buyers and renters can view the unit virtually as is. – Bridging the buyer and agents seamlessly
  • Property lead management system – Licensed to companies and real estate agencies which requires a more centralized way to monitor, track and share listing and sales lead within their group of agents.
  • Building management system – working with developers and landlords and providing them with a system to easily manage their property and tenants.
  • Learning management system – an online learning platform for agencies to use to educate, monitor and track new and existing agent performance. It can also be used to transfer knowledge of new property projects that an agency has which can only be privately access by members of that agency.
  • Landlord & Tenant Management System – an online management system for landlords to manage tenants and rental payments via our platform.
  • Affiliate Marketing integration – Developers, property owners, property agencies and developers will be able to leverage on our partnership with Affiliate Junction which is an affiliate marketing service provider which has more than 30K affiliate nationwide to market their properties.

We’ve secured some intent from agencies to adopt our system once launched. The adoption will come in phases as we complete our systems based on phases starting with the listing platform, Landlord and Tenant management system, and learning management system.


We have built a strong client base which values our strategic planning in the digitalization of the business. We hold ourselves accountable to our brand standards and making sure that our clients are always happy with the service and our systems.

We’ve already secured pre-registration of clients which wishes to adopt our system once completed to maximize their growth potential.

Business Model

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