Committed to establish the most trustworthy brand of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) among the Chinese Community


SWS 28 Confinement Centre is derived from Wing Sang founded in 1978, a well-established Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Centre.

Wing Sang was diligently managed by Mr. Sow Kim Chye, vice president of Chinese Drug Dealers Association, Federal Territory & Selangor. The family business has grown to second generation, till a professional team that consists of more than twenty traditional chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners. Since 2014, Wing Sang has innovated a series of pregnancy care and confinement products that are proven widely accepted by the Malaysian market. The products and services involved are catered for: pre-pregnancy, first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, confinement period and miscarriage.

With a big team of experienced and professionally recognized TCM practitioners, SWS 28 Confinement Centre is committed to rejuvenate and upkeep the health and wellbeing of women and mothers.  The applied methodology combines TCM practices with modern health science that brings the finest care and wellness to mothers and babies.

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