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Vision, the most dominant of our senses, plays a critical role in every facet and stage of our lives. We take vision for granted, but without vision, we struggle to learn to walk, to read, to participate in school, and to work. Vision impairment occurs when an eye condition affects the visual system and one or more of its vision functions. Vision impairment has serious consequences for the individual across the life course. Many of these consequences can, however, be mitigated by timely access to quality eye care and rehabilitation. Eye conditions that can cause vision impairment and blindness such as cataract, trachoma, and refractive error – are, for good reasons, the main focus of prevention and other eye care strategies; nevertheless, the importance of eye conditions that do not typically cause vision impairment – such as dry eye and conjunctivitis – must not be overlooked. These conditions are frequently among the leading reasons for presentation to eye care services in all countries.

About Us 

SpecTruck is a start-up optical establishment located at Kg. Cempaka, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. SpecTruck business model is unique and first of its kind in the optical industry as it offers its customers full optical services with the convenience of time and transportation, at an affordable price with professionalism i.e. eyes examined by optometrists via its mobile trucks. Unlike the normal retail optical shops, SpecTruck serves customers beyond the urban communities, to many of the sub-urban and rural areas in Malaysia reaching out to the poor and needy as well at their doorstep with its vision statement ‘YOUR VISION IS OUR MISSION’. Established since 2017, SpecTruck has successfully conducted more than 100,000 eye checks in over 100 schools and community centers with more than 10,000 pairs of spectacles delivered to students and ‘warga emas’ in several states in Malaysia.



Why SpecTruck?



Our mobility concept means that our users and stakeholders need not come to us, but we come and deliver the services to you.


Since 2017 where we successfully conducted >100,000 eye checks in over 100 schools and community centers with <10,000 pairs of glasses delivered to students and senior citizens in several states in Malaysia. We ensure that each of our team always comprises at least 1 optometrist to conduct a thorough eye check.


We ensure our price point is always affordable and accessible to everyone in the community. 

 90% our products are delivered on-site within the hour and the remaining 10% within 2-3 days.

  • 50% of the world population will require eyewear due to screens by 2050.
  • Access to eyewear is still limited in rural regions and often the wrong frame size is picked. Easily treated visual impairments often lead to blindness due to undiagnosed conditions.
  • 70% of the Asian population requires eye care right now.
  • Lack of actionable data makes for harder decision making and proper research such as the genetic inheritance of visual impairments, etc.
  • Global blindness is set to increase three-fold by 2050 if action is not taken.

Target Market

10, 208 Schools in Malaysia 

4.9 Million primary and secondary students 

Orphanages & government child centers

22.4 Million working adult 

2 Million senior citizens 


Business in the Pipeline 

Market Potential

Potential Exits

Synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions


Management Team

Dato' Seri David Sew, Founder & Cheif Executive Officer 

Dato' Jonathan Lim, Co-Founder

Carmen Soo, General Manager 

Annie Sew, Head of Corporate Strategy 

Zulhairi Md. Zin, Sr. Exec. Business Development 


What's Inside Our Truck? 


Customers we served 

SEPT 2018 - Visited 3 corporate buildings and provide eye screening for more than 500 staff within one health week campaign. 

SEPT 2018 - Jointly event with Maybank Jinjang branch and conducted eye screening to more than 100 staff & Maybank's clients.

OCT 2018 - Jointly event with MRCB sales gallery and conducted eye screening for more than 100 staff & customers.

NOV 2018 - Visited 2 corporate buildings and provide eye screening for more than 400 staff within one health week campaign. 

NOV 2018 - Visited corporate building and provide eye screening for more than 200 staff. 

MAY 2018 - A supported event organized Kementerian Pendidikan to provide eye screening to more than 200 students.

JUNE 2018 - Invited to provide free eye screening services during cultural events in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. 

MAY 2018 - Partnership to provide interest-free installment facility for government staff under the Ministry of Tourism. 

OCT 2018 - Visited corporate building and provide eye screening for more than 300 staff. 

OCT 2018 - Visited corporate building and provide eye screening for more than 200 staff. 

JAN 2020 - Supported charity run organized by Sime Darby Group and provide eye screening for more than 300 participants. 

AUGUST 2020 - Invited to provide free eye screening services for more than 50 participants and sponsoring spectacle for the underprivileged community at Tanjung Gahai, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. 




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