We bring the Property to You




“We bring the Real Estate to You.”

Space360.asia is a new fully interactive online platform developed with immerse 360VR experience to assist and connect Real Estate Developers, Agents, and Buyers. In this platform:

  • Developers are able to provide the full scope of information regarding their projects;
  • Agents are able to access the content, share with prospective customers, capture data, and track users with an integrated CRM system;
  • Buyers are able to view all the content in a user-friendly, fully interactive, and immersive way.

Space360.asia is developed on a robust web-based technology platform that can be easily scalable and can adapt to market changes. The mission and goal of Space360.asia are to be the next proptech2.0 and focused to bring new experiences in property viewing and assisting agents to manage their customers.



Today’s property platform does have not seen any meaningful innovation for the past 5-10 years. We see a gap and opportunity in the industry with the advancement of technology and customer behavior. The main problem consists of:


  • Agents spamming prospects and many duplications of contents
  • Too little information, unorganized, overloaded information, LOW TECH


  • No integrated CRM system for Agents
  • Low-quality content/plagiarism
  • Disorganized content / Don’t get it Visually


  • Not experts in Digital Presentation - hard to understand
  • Content does not have the ‘WOW’ factor
  • Inefficient - Time wasted traveling to sales galleries.
  • Agent’s time wasted on unqualified prospects



Space360.asia is the next and new 360º interactive and immersive online property platform. The core functionalities consist of:

  • Fully Integrated VR Platformimmersive 360º experience which users will be able to perform viewing of property anywhere through a web browser
  • Agents to be able to share, capture data and track customer data with ease through an integrated CRM system
  • Complete high quality, comprehensive 3D visuals and information which is easy to navigate and use
  • Enable prospects to view user-friendly content with fully interactive feature via online messaging and video conferencing
  • A next PropTech 2.0 platform



View - Surrounding Environment

View - Property Units

The platform will consist of the following core feature and functionalities:

  • Property Listing + 360 Interactive (property & location)
  • Report on View of Clicks + Location, tracking of users globally
  • Capturing personal leads and also leads by Referral
  • Customer Reports & Analytics
  • Property Reports & Analytics
  • Content Creation module
  • Co-Broke Service
  • SAAS Model

2009 - Pioneer in a 360-degree panoramic walkthrough and developed our first 360 content and virtual walkthrough.

2013 - Google Trusted Agency, Appointed by Google as the 1st Street View Trusted Agency in Malaysia. Clients are mostly in the retail and hospitality industries.

2014 - Google Most Creative Tour Award, Awarded by Google for the best work in the Southeast Asia region. The content was Nirvana Memorial Park in Shah Alam.

2016 - Interactive 360VR targeting mainly the Real Estate industry. Drone360 started producing interactive 360 content for Real Estate Developers & aerial drone 360.

2018 - 3D Render Interactive 360VR Walkthrough, Started producing 3D content in 360VR Interactive Walkthroughs.

2020 - To launch Space360.asia as the next and new 360º interactive online property platform.



There are many well-known brand property developers who have appointed SPACE 360 to build their project 360 contents. SPACE 360 emphasizes on the feedback from each and every client and constantly improving their solution to remaining the pioneer and competitive in the market.


  • Residual income via a subscription model and income by project basis.
  • Advertising revenue.
  • Easy & quick to scale. No red tape. No negotiations. Just content & CRM.


  • Approximately 40,000 Licensed Real Estate Agents
  • Approximately 2,000 Real Estate Developers
  • Approximately 700 Development and Projects Annually
  • Trends - Online, Overseas Buyers
  • Regional Expansion - Southeast Asia and Global



  • The key differentiation between Space360.asia and it’s competitors consist of the following:
  • 360 Interactive Content for all property that is posted on the platform
  • Online Interaction through Online Chats and Video Conference
  • Real-time booking and Sales Closure
  • Real-time Property Inventory
  • Customer Web Behavior Reports
  • Global User Reports
  • Leads Capturing Mechanism



SPACE 360 is looking for an equity investment of RM2,500,000 to RM5,000,000 to further the growth of the company. The funds will be used to focus on 3 key areas which are marketing digitally, strategic partnerships, and product development to further improvise the system and develop new modules to cater to the different business models and OPEX.

Our goal is to be the most innovative and high usability property platform in property buying, selling, and showcase.



To be the No.1 global property platform with 360VR user experience and bringing real estate to our clients.



The initial capital was funded by the Founders who are JIMIN LAI and ANDREW ONG. This Equity Crowd Funding round is SPACE 360’s first fundraising exercise.



Jimin Lai - CEO

  • 25 years of experience in photography
  • 14 years of entrepreneur experience
  • 13 years experience as a photojournalist
  • 10 years experience in 360 virtual tour

Andrew Ong - COO

  • 15 years of corporate experience
  • 10 years in implementing enterprise software solutions (IT)
  • 8 years of management experience in operations
  • 5 years of entrepreneur experience

SPACE 360 team consists of 5 members with experience in management, business, finance, software development, prop-tech, and the property industry. We strive to make an impact on the property industry by complementing the traditional methods in property buying, selling, and viewing.

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