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SeedDream Technology Sdn Bhd was founded in 2006, aimed at helping brands who understand the importance of investing in innovation to earn engagement, drive loyalty, and disrupt their categories.

More than an impressive list of offerings, we care about how those offerings work together to build something remarkable.

Technology Engagement

  • Brand Website & Microsite
  • Mobile Application
  • Ecommerce Platform

Loyalty Marketing

  • Gamification Marketing Campaign
  • Behavioral Analytics & CRM Strategy
  • Cross-Channel Marketing

Strategy Transformation

  • Branding & Communication Strategy
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention

• Our clients include listed companies, fast-growing SMEs, and emerging affluents who find our interactive solutions constantly evolving. We are able to provide and support clients at any stage of their digital journey.

• We have won 2 international design awards in 2015 from the USA. These awards recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers, and agencies all over the world with a multidisciplinary jury made up of representatives from across the globe

• Today, we are a leading and the only homegrown interactive gamification Marketing Technology (“MarTech”) company in Malaysia, filling the gap in the local digital landscape. http://www.rewardin.me - REWARDINME™ revealing an entirely new model for White-label Gamification Campaign & in-game advertising with in-house built SEA’s 1st Interactive Gamification Technology. A Micro Gesture communication & also an IOT technology without specific hardware - SecondScreen™.
• Our growth prospects include aiming to be a Leading Interactive Gamification MarTech player in the region and ultimately, a digital Interactive Gamification Marketing Solution Platform which is designed for in-game engagement via a universal game moment: the achievement moment for every business to catch the users while they are the most engaged, happy, and attentive. We invite you to be part of our exciting journey as an equity investor.


Digital Campaign can never be more important in times of the current Covid-19 pandemic, to help brands & businesses to Drive Awareness, Drive Response & Build Loyalty.

  • The Need for Branded Gaming designed for connecting brands with people in rewarding ways.
    • No identity & brand recall.
    • Always use 3rd party’s games & console for marketing purposes.
    • Manual entries of data collection.
    • No real-time, actionable insights & report.


REWARDINME™ is the Simplest Enterprise-grade Gamification Marketing Platform for community engagement and advocacy. We combine the power of gameplay with marketing strategy, to ensure you get the best possible engagement from your game. Allows your brand to reach users during these moments of elation, either with real, tangible rewards or gifts of virtual currency. Gamification gives you the competitive advantage to devise activities that engage, motivate, and reward their audiences like enterprise learning, consumer engagement, or education. 

Gamification Marketing is the upcoming marketing trend and currently this space is commanded by big players like Shopee, Lazada due to the high development costs. Our White-Label Gamification Campaign with a highly customizable and versatile solution is available on the cloud, enabling custom themes and branding catering to your organization’s needs with affordable subscription packages.


REWARDINME™ motivates target behaviors for various purposes, such as: 

  • Survival Moments – like completing a mission or cheer on new high scores in a game.

  • Loyal Moments – like checking in with a web-app or mobile app X number of times a week.

  • Productivity Moments – like cleared off to-do lists. Or celebrating their completed workouts.

  • Luck Moments – like finding treasures or completing a quiz.

  • Going beyond the quiz challenge & banner ads don’t just show an ad when those moments are achieved. Subscribers can create a white-label gamification campaign within 1 to 3 days (with all graphic assets & contents ready), leveraging REWARDINME™'s key gamification mechanics (interactive challenges, competition, and rewards redemption), coupled with their own rewards algorithm and theme.

  • The moments when players experience in-game achievements like upping a level, completing a challenge with multiple players, or accumulating a certain number of points are the most valuable in terms of providing the most user engagement.


  • The Gaming Campaign is 3x more appealing.

  • 52% of customers have already discovered a brand thanks to a game.

  • 35% of players are willing to give their data.

  • Games help you in generating leads and with a quality database.


  • Choices of game templates. Easy to integrate into your campaign.


  • 53% of players return to the online store to buy a product, or they can choose to redeem their rewards in store.

We create synergies by offering the best in value Gamification Marketing Platform for;

Brand/ Business Owners
- Run more effective campaigns.
Traditional advertising gets you eyeballs and audiences. REWARDINME™ gets you people who care and want to buy from you. Leverage real-time, actionable insights to better understand your customers and reduce campaign-to-market execution time.

Partners (Developers/ Event Organisers/ Adv. Agencies/ Marketplace/ Mobile App) 
- Monetize by offering our solutions. 
We deliver value to your clients without interrupting your core business. This boosts engagement and brand loyalty while putting money in your pocket.


Our API/SDK can be deployed quickly and can integrate with other platforms to become a seamless part of your enterprise ecosystem. Integrate it in creative ways, such as integrating your apps, or rewarding your own custom actions with points/achievements/rewards - the possibilities are endless.


Big Data Turns CRM into Something Truly Valuable, with the goals of improving customer service, it likewise comes with analytics tools so you can understand how users behave, act and more. With the integrated analytics module, you can capture detailed information about your Campaign and Players directly within our platform.

The Analytics feature provides data visualization on the following data:

  1. Overall statistics of your campaign.

  2. Participants summary & report - a view of Player data trends based on signups, performance, and Player popularity. 

  3. Activity summary & report - data on the history of points, achievements unlocked and rewards redeemed & numbers of motions detected.

  • User-friendly Approach

Easy-to-use Campaign Settings Interface

We’re the first to market & doing it right!

  • 1st in South East Asia to own the Micro Gesture Interactive Motion solution.

  • Enhance your brand presence with entertainment (Fun)

  • Better brand influences & brand recall with high impact Interactive Gamification Campaigns.

  • Drive more sales & positive response.

  • Connecting brands with people in rewarding ways. 

  • Capture every meaningful engagement with your audience across mobile, social, and web.

  • Users compete publicly (Offline) driving intense virality, or participate at home (Online).

Modular, Customisable, Plug-ins

A card-based, configurable control center enabling you to design and edit your game to see customer engagement KPIs at a glance, Marketing Analytics displays real-time data-feeds from omnichannel marketing sources.  

  • Create your Own White-label Campaign from a variety of fun and interactive Challenge types that suit your objectives the best!

  • Customize your Campaign with your theme and branding.

  • Create Rewards for your Players to Redeem, winning rewards is a fair-and-square game.

  • Track your game through Analytics.

  • Feb 2020

- First project in Jakarta, CNY 2020 Campaign
- Distributed over RM10k worth of cash vouchers 

  • Track Record

Developed Gamification Campaigns for Herbaline Wellness Group, continuously 2 years. And are developing 2021 campaign for the 3rd year. 


Potential Target Market

- Shopping Mall
- Branded Retails
- Advertising Agencies & Event Organizers
- TV Station
- Mobile App (eHailing & Mcommerce)
- Online Marketplace


We are working towards a regional content delivery station to speed up the content’s delivery & segmentize the collected data for better data analysis.


Significant Traction:

  • 173 malls in Jakarta, 321 malls countrywide.
  • Over 1100  franchise​ brands
  • More than 200 tradeshows /year
  • 23% of the digital ad spending in Indonesia by the retail industry, the estimate will reach RM10 billion by end of 2020.​
  • Beginning in  Jakarta - 10M population.​
  • *The Indonesian government is planning to support the digitization of 8 million SMEs by 2020.


We believe that the Digital Marketing space is huge enough for multiple players to thrive due to the low penetration rate. We are confident that we have a proven business model and we are the 1st & only platform with low start-up costs & fully customizable facilities, and a strong team to serve the market. Furthermore, we had stepped into the SEA's largest market – Indonesia in early 2020.


RewardinMe's 1st-round fundraising target through pitchIN is set at RM2,000,000 for the development and marketing penetration usage. API/SDK facilities will offer quick integration with other platforms to become a seamless part of their enterprise ecosystem. Integrate in creative ways, such as integrating your apps, or rewarding your own custom actions with points/achievements/rewards - the possibilities are endless.We are working towards a complete ecosystem for Digital Marketing. From Digital Campaign to Real Data Collecting to Multiple Channels Recruitment up to Customer Retention (CRM).


In order to achieve and develop the vision for regional expansion in the next 3 to 5 years, RewardinMe will keep working with regional partners & setup local company for better market recruitment & also provide tech support to integrators & marketing partners.


In order to reach the goals, set to become the regional MarTech Platform leader, we are actively forging regional players as partners to further engage with local audiences & they are potentially our target mergers party within 5 years.


SeedDream an integrated Digital Creative Agency with strong business understanding and localized market knowledge. Lead by experienced members. Our goal is to help ambitious brands forge connected experiences with their audience to drive lasting brand engagement.


Core values:
Be ambitious.
Be curious.
Be generous.

Roy Tan
Infrastructure Developer

Jason Neo
Backend Developer

Elvin Tan
Frontend Developer

Roxas Ting
Frontend Developer



BEAMSTART x SeedDream Press Released

11 months ago by Steve Wan

Malaysia's SeedDream is helping businesses run better marketing campaigns; raising US$500k.
SeedDream aims to become the regional MarTech Platform leader in 3 years.



Letter of Intent From our Indonesia client.

about 1 year ago by Steve Wan

We would like to share happiness with all our potential investors. We had received a Letter of Intent from our Jakarta, Indonesia client which stated will continue using our solution to further engage with their customers.

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