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Scenic Pinnacle Sdn Bhd brings together hotel owners and hotel investors in one unique ecosystem designed to ease the process of as well as removing tradtional barriers to hotel investing in Malaysia. 

Scenic Pinnacle Sdn Bhd (Scenic Pinnacle) currently has over 8 hotels under its management and its being led by a team of industry veterans with over 45 years of collective industry knowledge and experience of running profitable hotels.

Our Objectives

At its core, Scenic Pinnacle was founded with the aim of removing tradtional barriers of hotel investing to boutique investors. This is done by bringing together hotel owners and hotel investors with unified and singular platform.

To create value for both investors and hotel owners, Scenic Pinnacle thrives to develop a complete wealth creation plan that is easily understandable, adoptable, and replicated by investors. 

Moreover, the company also provides hotel management solutions to hotel owners upon mergers or acquisitions to ensure professionalism and integrity within the management of the hotels.

The Nature of Our Business

Our products and services can be broken down into three categories:

1. Hotel Management
2. Hotel Marketing
3. Hotel Investment

Hotel Management is the provision of a professional and experienced management team to hotel owners upon acquisition or merger of hotel businesses. This is done to ensure hotels under the Scenic Pinnacle portfolio are being pushed to its upper most potential in terms of profitability and value to shareholders. 

Hotel Marketing is the provision of professional marketing strategies and retention programs for the Scenic Pinnacle's hotels as a group. This is done primarily through the in house online marketing platform as well as through numerous partnerships with booking sites, agencies, and other hotels. 

Hotel Investments consists of the handling of hotel property investments, equity investors, fund raising, and group investors relations. This can be best described as the financing arm of the business. 

What's Next?

In the year 2018, Scenic Pinnacle aims to add an additional 12 more hotels into its portfolio. This will be done so with its expansion into Kuala Lumpur and Penang. 

Moreover, the company is also interested in venturing into the co-working and co-living industry with a pilot program expected to be initiated sometime in January 2018. 

  • Kenneth Liu
    Strategic Partner

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