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Saratix was founded in 2018 by Founders Daniel Chua and Daniel Loo, also referred to as the Twins or The Daniels. Saratix aim is to successfully create and integrate Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in the world of Fashion. With Innovation and Creativity as absolute key driving factors, Saratix’s patentable fitting algorithm, based off Artificial Intelligence with deep data learning was then developed to accurately measure and reconstruct any one User’s body measurements in 3D with an accuracy of up to 97%. Coupled with detailed data analytics provided by Saratix, Businesses can thrive and increase their growth rate by reducing a number of problem statements face in the online fashion industry.

It is evident that fashion commerce has exploded exponentially in growth in the past 5-10 years. Due to inconsistent uniformity in size (varying standard sizes of different brands), one major affect is that a high number of refunds and returns are expected due to incorrect sizing, causing businesses Billions in Ringgit every year to address this problem. With Saratix, Users are able to know through this technology on what size best fits their personal preference and introduces a level of customer confidence prior to every purchase made online. Businesses on the other hand, can reduce refund rates stemming from incorrect fitting and unavailable “try-on” visualization whilst also giving them deep analytics on their business. This creates an overall win-win situation of both the User and Business/Brand.

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