He wants to, but She doesn't...................... Solved with Nature's Calling



RH Suites: Management of short term rental of Serviced Residences and Hotel Suites since 2013, now venturing into..............

Weekend is nearing ........

He: Let's go Camping my sweet ice-cream. I haven't been camping since we stared dating

She: Errr, can we go somewhere with at least real bed, aircond, attached bath,wifi but no bugs? 

He: Great idea! I found just the place with all those - Lets go Glamping, fresh air, green and eco-friendly, away from bustle of the city.   

She: With water and electricry supply? That's not eco-friendly !

He: Hey, there is rainwater harvesting and solar power - eco-green and renewable energy :)  

She: Sounds interesting. What are we & the kids going to do there?

He: Lots:-

- Breakfast & BBQ Dinner with Fresh Fruit Juice.

- Shaded Fishing, Prawning, Crabbing, Chickening - with 30 minutes guaranteed catch.

- Freshwater Snorkeling & Jacuzzi with live Fishes

- Table Tennis, Table Squash, Green Bowling, Mini Futsal, Climbing, Obstacle course ...... 

- Campfire & Music 

AND specially for the Kids, you can OPT them to:-

- join the hunting & chef team. They will enjoy helping to hunt for food in the farm, prepare the fire, cook & SERVE YOU for a change :) 

She: But is it safe being isolated in a jungley area & being far from home? 

He: The campsite is fenced and just about 15 minutes drive to a Seremban city and an hour from Kuala Lumpur :) 

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