Set your life on FIRE and seek those who fan your flames.



FIRE Station At the FIRE station we provide customers with a 45-minute high intensity class based training program. We deliver a transformational fitness experience that is uplifting, social and fun. We understand that each fire fan has their own hopes, dreams and needs and we connect our fans with our Rockstar trainers and an entire community of like-minded people to help them achieve sustainable results. Our customers aren't joining a gym, they’re joining our tribe, our brand and a lifestyle that speaks to who they are and the importance that they place on living their life on fire.


• In 2015 we generated RM 359k in revenue.

In 2016 we increased sales revenue to RM 1.5m (306% increase) and in 2017 we plan to deliver RM 7.2m (420%).

Year to date, we are significantly ahead of our forecast.

• In 2017 January & February year on year we’ve achieved sales growth of 356% and an increase in total workouts of +7,000 across the same period last year.

• We are ahead of our plan to deliver 75K workouts and generate 7.2 Million MYR in gross sales revenues in 2017.

• Our customer retention rate average is 87%, well above industry retention rates that average in the low 50’s.

• We’ve designed, manufactured and patented our own proprietary fitness equipment. • We’ve continued to innovate, bringing two new signature workouts to market with our STRIKE and RIDE programs with award unique purpose built studios.

• We have been shortlisted as a finalist in Malaysia’s commercial retail space awards for 2016 for the design and build of our latest fire station.


  • Dave Nuku
    Founder & CEO
  • Tanya Tolman
    Human Resources & Events
  • Elisha Lim
    Accounts and Administration Manager
  • Cindy Gan
    FIRE Station Manager
  • Michael Lamb
    Non executive director
  • Sakina Ali
    Non executive director
  • Richard Hutson
    Non executive director
  • Taitama Tolman
    Non exectutive Director
  • Tracy Minnoch
    Creative Director

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Share Holder Update 2018

about 1 month ago by Dave Nuku


Update link to share holder half year update

6 months ago by Dave Nuku

Dear share holders please find the attached link for a higher resolution version of the previous share holder hald year update. 


Best regards 


Dave Nuku


Share Holder Update

8 months ago by Dave Nuku

Dear Share Holders, 


Please see the link to the latest update from FIRE Station. 

Share Holder Update

Thank you all for your continued support. 


Yours in health and fitness. 


Dave Nuku


Kids on FIRE program now at Garden International School

about 2 years ago by Dave Nuku

We have officially kicked off our Kids on FIRE program with Garden International School. Our official partnership with the the school to deliver specialised kids fitness classes at FIRE Station 2.0 Plaza Mont Kiara after school hours, Monday to Friday. This is another way that we can live out our mission to transform young lives through fitness, empowering young people to live their life with FIRE. Here is a link to our kids on FIRE program promotional video.

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