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REMEDi or short for Redefined Medical Information Exchange is company which innovates electronic medical record to make it easy for patients and medical professionals alike to use in a simple, secure and cost -effective manner.

Currently patients do not have any share on the information about their previous and current medical condition, medications they are on currently or in the past and many more. Each time a patient visits any healthcare institution such as clinics or hospitals, the process of history taking must be repeated all over again by the doctors. Although there are numerous Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions around already, these data are confined to an institution due to regulations surrounding medical information.

Realising this problem, REMEDi seeks to solve this problem by redefining how medical information is exchanged in a seamless, easy and secure way.

Another innovation that REMEDi has ventured into is to equip the platform with capabilities of managing health benefits for employees. Doctors will be able to manage patients health benefits in a transparent manner and hopefully made it possible to bring down the costs of healthcare as a whole.

All in all, REMEDi seeks to Redefine Medical Information Exchange, enable patients to be able to manage their medical data which is not possible before and empower Doctors to be able to treat their patients better.


  • Ikmal Baharudin
  • Muhd Sobri Ramli
  • Ashraf Md Nasser
  • Dr Khairul Faizi bin Khalid

REMEDi Signs its first MOU with MPCAM

almost 2 years ago by Khairul Faizi Khalid

We are delighted to announce the signing of MoU between REMEDi and Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia (MPCAM) which has over 900 doctors as members and an affliate network of 11300 doctors nationwide.

The signing was conducted at MPCN office today with the signing of the MoU by one of REMEDi founder Muhammad Sobri and Dr Peter Chan the president of MPCAM.


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