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Rashwealth Biotech Sdn Bhd is a manufacturing company and a subsidiary of Rashwealth Group Sdn Bhd. It was established in October 2016. The company is able to produce food health and supplement product. Rashwealth Biotech Sdn Bhd factory is located at No. 4, Kompleks Kilang Halal SME Bank, Sg. Ramal, Kajang Selangor.

Recently, several products of Rashwealth Group Sdn Bhd are manufactured by Rashwealth Biotech Sdn Bhd. Among the products is GC Tea a mixture of herbs which its function is to control glucose level, Suhoor Granula a breakfast cereal drink and Nano Centa Plus Colostrum a Yogurt Colostrum Drink.

In addition, the company is also providing the OEM manufacturing services to their clients. The company's customers range from entrepreneurs both local and international, direct selling companies, cooperatives and associations as well as trading companies in the beauty, health and food industry.

We are also in the process of developing our home brand business product package named Ghi-Mau Fruit and Juice Drink. A Kiosk Beverages concept that comes with15 types of beverages suitable for a new small start-up entrepreneur who wish to involve in beverages business. This project is in collaboration with the Koperasi Usahawan Rashwealth Berhad. The business package will be ready for under licensed probably in November 2017.

In fulfilling this mission, we are committed to:

Provide the best R & D services

Provide high-quality manufacturing services and comply with all the manufacturing standards

Provide competitive price and high-quality products

  • Khairul Shahril Bin Hamzah
    Managing Director
  • Muizzuddin Bin Muhamad Mazlan
    Operational Director
  • Hasreen Binti Halil
    Sales Director

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