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QEOS LED Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Quantum Electro Opto Systems Sdn. Bhd. (QEOS), is a manufacturer and wholesaler of advanced energy efficient LED lighting solutions. Having the ability to drive down power consumption greatly, QEOS LED products offer huge cost savings for commercial and industrial applications. QEOS LED Advance Lighting System also offers future upgrades which will allow for smart lighting.

QEOS LEDs replaces conventional CFLs and incandescent lamps to achieve a greater cost savings of at least 50% and up to 80% in electricity used. Using it’s patented design for the use of superior grade high efficiency LED chipset and robust driver, QEOS LED products are rated for up to 24 hour use. QEOS LED products are 5 times more efficient than conventional fluorescent lights and 2 times more efficient that current LED lights. This provides a strong assurance for better value of money and maximizing return on investment.


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Qeos LED Sdn Bhd Q1 2018 updates

about 1 month ago by Mohd Ghazali Mahmood

Dear shareholders,

Qeos LED SdnBhd Q1 2018 Update

Qeos LED Sdn Bhd (“Qeos LED”) has achieved tremendous performance since the start of 2018, and we could not have done it without your support. Thank you for trusting in us and for your sustained encouragement toward us.

2018 started very well for us, whereby we have achieved improved financial performance in Quarter 1 2018 as compared to Q1 2017.

Q1 2018 highlights:

1. Revenue:

Qeos LED has successfully completed in Q1 2018, energy performance contracts (EPC) for Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Center and Agro Biotechnology Institute Malaysia, and supply and install contract for Esteem Energy Sdn Bhd. This is contributing to revenue of RM2.5 million. The supply and install of LED lighting contract for Putrajaya Hospital for KFM is progressing and it is expected to be completed in Q2 2018. These projects have enabled Qeos LED to gain valuable experiences in dealing with customers with various backgrounds such as hospitals and research institutes.

2. Profitability:

For Q1 2018, Qeos LED has recorded RM1.7 million of profit before taxation.

3. Markets:

Having completed these various project of different backgrounds, it has opened up more opportunities for market expansion for Qeos LED. We are currently working on projects discussion with universities, hospitals and local authorities throughout Malaysia. Besides LED lighting for buildings, we are also pursuing street lighting projects. Further, we are looking at overseas markets like Indonesia and Bangladesh.

4. People:

We believe that in order for us to strive for excellence, we need good and dedicated staff. We are welcoming our newly appointed accountant who will be responsible for financial reporting as well as other accounting function in the Company. We are also welcoming our new engineers in the Company who will be responsible in technical and operations side.

5. Products:

Our LED lighting products that we have produced thus far have shown to be excellent. Notwithstanding this, our Research and Development team are continuing work to make further improvements to our LED products.

6. Growth:

From the many levels of discussions that we are currently engaged with the various parties involved, we are looking forward to secure more new contracts in the forthcoming quaters. We will work towards a better performance financially and operationally while at the same time managing the risks involved, thus maximising the return of investment for our investor.

Kindly find the reports in the links provided below:

2017 Audited Accounts : http://bit.ly/qeos_report_2017

Q1 2018 Management report : http://bit.ly/qeos_report_2018

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