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Prop Ventures Sdn Bhd ("PVSB") was established in year 2011 and specializes in property investment, construction and renovation projects. Over the years, PVSB has gained its commendable reputation through hard work, sheer determination and customer orientated culture. PVSB currently has two (2) main core businesses.

PVSB initially focused more on residential project investments. We would gather our friends whom were keen and passionate about property investment and we would approach a developer to purchase collectively. That has lead us to our own Property Investors Club whereby we have gathered a strong following of property investors and clienteles over the years and now we would purchase in bulk from the developers. We believe there is “power in numbers” and we would be able to negotiate for a better sales package from the developers. Likewise, the developers are also willing to work with us as we bring in sale volume to their esteem organisation.

That has sprung to another core business of us whereby all these clienteles and friends wanted to engage contractors to renovate and furnished their properties when the project is deemed completed before they can proceed to rent out their units for investment purpose. Hence, the birth of PVSB renovation and construction core business. We have also embarked into other residential house renovation, extension and addition projects, interior designing works and new built houses through clients’ request. Apart from that, we were also engaged in commercial projects of recent like office renovation, budget hotel and retail premise constructions.

Moving forward, together with our newly on board Japanese partner whom is a reputable Japanese F&B company from Tokyo, Japan, we are in the midst of setting up a F&B management service company to bring in 6 exciting Japanese F&B restaurant brands to Malaysia. Our core activities, amongst others, would include to set up and operate this 6 Japanese F&B restaurants, to license or franchise this 6 restaurant brands to intended franchisees/ licensees, and to engage into F&B management contracts with property or institutional owners to manage this restaurant brands.

  • Keh Ee Yen
    Founder & Managing Director

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