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Premium Platform SDN BHD is an FMCG supply chain management and service platform.

SOTIPSY is our primary brand, and delivers alcohol, beverages and snacks to our customers in 30 minutes or less. Our customers can also order online and pick up their goods at a store nearby or have the goods shipped to their location.

Because the FMCG industry is a not clearly describe concept of supply chain, and let us understand the definition of supply chain management. Supply chain is a system that includes suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, retailers, and customers. Supply chain management refers to various activities and processes that plan, coordinate, operate, control and need to optimize the entire supply chain process.

The goal of supply chain management is to get the right products requested by the customers to the right place at the right time. It also allows us to deliver goods to our customers in the right quantity, quality and condition while being cost-effective along the way.

SOTIPSY with B2B suppliers and F&B owners in the supply chain do not mark up the goods, but relied on management and service costs. B2B suppliers provide IPAD with a la carte and FMCG ordering system, which allows hotels or F&B owner to obtain higher gross margin without being overstocked. This provides more choices, better selection and shares part of the value-added gross profit with the supply chain.

Our Strengths:

  • Experienced Management Team

Our management team is comprised of C-Level Executives from Malaysia and the United States with proven track records.

  • Proof of Ownership¬†

Every bottle of beverage has an "identity card". SOTIPSY has invested heavily to build the industry's most complete and strict blockchain-based security quality control system that supports traceability management. Each bottle of beverage has its own anti-counterfeiting barcode.

  • Direct to Consumer Model

We let our customers shop for beverages, snacks and gifts directly from the brand owner, cutting out the middleman and retail mark up. Our customers will ultimately benefit from greater savings when ordering through SOTIPSY. 

  • Instant Gratification

There are more than 50 offline experience stores in more than 10 cities across the country, whether through online ordering or offline purchase. SOTIPSY provides on-demand doorstep delivery in 30 minutes or less, shipping (2-3 days delivery) or Pick Up at store.

  • Convenience with SOTIPSY App

Online to Offline shopping wherever you want, whenever you want it. 

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