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Pop Meals is a food tech company that uses data and technology to make the most delicious food affordable and super convenient to access.

We operate Malaysia’s leading omnichannel food brand with a network of “Smart Outlets” powered by data-driven food development and last-mile delivery technology.

We have created a first-in-class approach to virtual brand creation, meal design and preparation, and food delivery to provide a consistent and near-flawless casual dining experience.

Pop Meals’ tech-enabled outlets are designed to serve four use cases, which are quick dine-in, takeaway (app ordering), online food delivery, and a cloud kitchen with virtual brands.

Next to the Pop Meals brand, we operate a fast-growing portfolio of brands among others dahmakan (healthy premium meals), Pasta & Co (Western pasta classics) and Dapor Famira (home-style Malay-cuisine) with 8 more brands already in development.

Pop Meals is backed by leading tech investors, including:

  • Y Combinator (the first Malaysian startup in history)
  • White Star Capital

and strategic investors such as:

  • 우아한형제들 (Korea’s leading food delivery platform)
  • Rakuten (Japanese largest e-commerce company)
  • the former CEO of Nestle

We are a beloved Malaysian brand that served 3M+ meals with a 94% satisfaction approval rating.

With our innovative proprietary technology, we managed to achieve an industry-leading EBITDA margin for our Smart Outlets with payback time 4x faster than the industry average. This enables rapid growth and expansion also into small towns that have only limited food offerings.

We are excited to invite our customers and fans to co-own the Pop Meals outlet business. With the capital raised, we are rapidly expanding our outlets across Malaysia, so all Malaysians can enjoy popular meals at affordable pricing for dine-in, takeaway or delivery!


The F&B industry is antiquated, with little innovation since the 20th century. Even the biggest food brands in the world have little to no access to customer feedback data. 

Blind Operators

  • Menus are curated without knowing what customers really want.
  • Long innovation cycles take 12-18 months to launch a new product and then still have a very high failure rate.

Lost Revenue Opportunities

  • Restaurants are not built for omnichannel experiences or delivery.
  • D2C business models face customer acquisition costs (RM70++, Pop Meals spend < RM7) to reach the customer. 
  • Delivery platforms charge a 30% commission.

Resource Utilisation

  • 30% of costs are spent on labour with inefficient staffing and training.
  • 20% of space in restaurants is the kitchen and non-revenue generating.

Food Waste

  • 30% of food is wasted due to overproduction, market fluctuations, and manual food processes.


Pop Meals is building a digital food infrastructure that is designed for efficiency, scalability, and profitability.

Pop Meals starts with Smart Outlets, the “Pop” branded storefronts that serve our flagship menu items, with cloud kitchens operating from the same kitchens.

These storefronts generate an organic offline-to-online conversion where, with the first order, customers are automatically onboarded to our app with loyalty and CRM features. We have a <RM 7 CAC through our offline-to-online model, compared to a traditional RM 70++ online CAC.

The app enables Pop Meals to collect critical feedback data that has proven to improve meal satisfaction from 80% to > 95%.

We analyze order patterns (e.g. home v office usage, food ratings/preferences), and provide geo-fenced notifications to engage customers at the right time (i.e. notify them when they’re in close proximity to a smart outlet).

Our hybrid model empowers us to create the best food taste and customer experience anytime, every day, everywhere.


1) Food Engine

We collect  3M+ data points per week from every order through our app, both for dine-in and delivery, understanding every aspect of customer experience (from overall customer satisfaction to meal spiciness level).

These data points empower rapid food R&D and recipe improvements, as well as tight control over food and experience ratings for every outlet.

Here’s a case study of Pop Meals improving the Mac & Cheese approval rating from 80% to > 95% in a few weeks.

We focus on serving food customers really love by repeating the recipe improvement process with all menu items. Check out another example below.

With > 40% orders reviewed by customers, we managed to improve satisfaction rates, menu relevancy, and repeat order frequency.

2) Food partners

Pop Meals works with trusted Halal-certified OEM suppliers who help in the preparation of the food prior to cooking in our Smart Outlets using the food tech IP that Pop has developed.

We have equipped highly automated kitchens at Smart Outlets to achieve high efficiency, consistency, and scalability.

3) Logistics & Last Mile

Our proprietary delivery system enables us to deliver food to customers with the highest efficiency, from our network of Smart Outlets.

4) Smart Outlets

Our Smart Outlets serve multiple functions to optimize CAPEX, including acting as a delivery hub with a fully automated fleet and delivery management system (see video).

The outlets also operate several virtual brands (8 as of today and more coming) in a cloud kitchen like format through marketplaces (GrabFood, Food Panda, Shopee Food).

All brands run through the same system, simplifying operations and leading to zero waste and overhead, with the same labour and equipment sharing with the front brand (Pop Meals) (see video).

Pop Meals are able to set up Smart Outlets with payback time as short as 5 months and a 24% EBITDA margin. These break-even points (similar to convenience stores like 7-eleven) enable rapid expansion almost anywhere, even in small towns with low population density.

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