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Established since 2012 and we are currently running a small scale business in online portal platform and offline media publication Industry. Our core business involves web portal and car magazine publication.

We are truly a Malaysian own small scale business but aim big to compete with market big player. Our business product and services already achieved 40% of the market share and is growing rapidly. We are now going to become N0. 1 buying and selling car magazine in Malaysia.

We already build up the business model, branding, products and services, customers base and strategy in 1st phase and now in 2nd phase, we would like to transform our web platform into multi services to include job, properties, travel and more. This would be the 2nd alternative choice for public to find their dream products and services. Internet surfing already a trend in this generation and of cause we will add in more features and ideas to make it more creative to suit the market demand.  

Due to our business expansion in 2nd phase, we are looking for business growing fund to accelerate our product and services in this potential market. Once the transformation of the web portal completed, In 3rd phase, we will transform our business into IT base to develop more mobile App and web portal to generate more value or revenue to our company as we have a lot of great ideas yet to be develop.    

If you think our company can grow to another higher level, pls give us a hand and we grow together. 

You may visit our website at www.autocari.com to know further our web functioning and e-magazine for our monthly hard copy issue published in Klang Valley , Johor and Melaka.


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