Sharing Love Thru Pet Sitting


Who will take care of your pets when you're away? provides an Online platform to connect a Pet Owner to a Pet Sitter with personal care and love. A Pet Sitter also earn leisure income doing what they love to do. We have 3000 users (with 2300 active users) across Malaysia and Singapore, and 100+ pet sitters on board to serve all the pet owners. As to build the pet lovers' community, we can also organize a series of pet lovers gathering, vet's educational talks, to build Petsodia's brand awareness and helping the veterinary to promote their clinics thru these talks and online presences. Monetization plan will be thru commission on each transaction and sponsor fee from veterinary for the seminar talks. The platform can be highly scalable across Asia as pet ownership has been booming and more pet humanization can be expected even in economy downturns.

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