PUTRACARE was established in the end of year 2011 with the target involvement into Healthcare Services. Our main focus was on Outpatient Healthcare Services. Our year on year double digit growth was achieved via increasing the product range, product variance and clientele database. In the year 2019, PUTRACARE has managed to introduce the online platform to meet its client requirements with variable demands.

PUTRACARE is a private limited company established under Company Commission of Malaysia since 2011. Our company number
958438-A. PUTRACARE are operating as an office firm located in Kajang, Selangor within our parent company Addsyss (M) Sdn. Bhd. building.

PUTRACARE mainly focuses on acquiring professionals with leadership values who would keep bringing new and fresh ideas into the
Healthcare Services to meet the refreshed demand all the time. Such professionals work highly based on key target sectors and key target consumers.

PUTRACARE is a Healthcare Services group, whereby we focus mainly on consumers who seek for Outpatient Healthcare Services for themselves and their dependants. PUTRACARE is also the service provider the corporate companies whereby they provide healthcare benefit for their employees. Lastly, PUTRACARE also provides healthcare service for third party administrators such as insurance companies.

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