Delivery Of Market Goods


In 2017, Shukry Sharby Enterprise has been involved with the Co-Working Space (CWS) at Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC), Cyberjaya nd collaborated with Fishoman Berhad, a startup that sells fish and seafood products online.

Shukry Sharby Enterprise's involvement in the sale of raw food materials grow in 2017 by adding a range of products raw food items such as chicken, duck, beef, mutton and eggs.

The development of sales in raw food products has given an inspirational source for Shukry Sharby Enterprise to commercialise this business is PasarGO.

The objective of PasarGO is to sell fresh raw goods with reasonable prices to customers and provide business opportunities to the community through franchise design.

  • Kurniawan Zakaria
    Business Development
  • Shukry Sharby
    Operational Manager

PasarGO (Shukry Sharby Enterprise) doesn't have any updates to show yet.

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