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We at Pasar Segar, for the last 2 years, strive to be the key provider of fresh & frozen market produce, (online & offline) delivered right to your doorsteps. No, we are not your normal concierger service, instead we buy from our own networks of fisheries and partner with local mirco farmers to get you the freshest local produce, everyday. 

For Community, For Nation

To be a key change leader in empowering micro farmers and businesses with the expertise, knowledge, technology and opportunity to grow and sell local produce to the community.

For The Consumer Market

To be the leading fresh and frozen food retailer (online and offline) in Malaysia, by developing and adopting new technologies, raising industry standards and broadening our expertise, with the aim to change the way we buy, eat and live.

The team at Pasar Segar, believes that fresh ingredients and quality food leads to a safe and nutritious meal. Hence we seek the freshest produce at local fishery ports and farms across Malaysia, and we stand by our rigorous quality regime and our absolute commitment to support our local farmers, without the extra middleman for handling.

We’re more than just about proving fresh food. We aim to be a catalyst for change in the way we farm, produce and consume. After all, what we eat is what we are.

With over 20 years of experience in the FMCG industry, Pasar Segar aims to establish itself as an independent purveyor and retailer of fresh, frozen and certified organic produce.


Pasar Segar: The Fresh Market is launched!

5 months ago by Scott Abdullah Misso

Pasar Segar | The Fresh Market, an online fresh marketplace officially launches in Malaysia to enable busy families to have easy access to fresh food produce that is of high quality, safe and hygienically handled. The platform buys and prepares the freshest goods at affordable prices and delivers the order on the same day, ensuring high quality freshness so that consumers can eat healthier.

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Getting fresh The Pasar Segar story

5 months ago by Scott Abdullah Misso

The humbling story of Scott Abdullah Misso, who went from helping his mom buy and prep ingredients from the wet market at 3am to setting up Pasar Segar The Fresh Market with his wife, Mastura Ahmad.

You can read the full article here: The Edge Enterprise Cover Story

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