Palm Fiber from waste to wealth



Established in 2014, Palm Fiber Sdn Bhd recycles the tree trunk of the palm oil tree into oil palm trunk fiber (OPTF). 

The OPTF is then used as the base of many products innovated internally by Palm Fiber Sdn Bhd through their patented trademark process. 

One of their best-selling brands includes EGT Fiber, an oil palm trunk fiber-based health beverage that is commercialized globally. This brand is sold across various channels including sales agents, distributors, and retail pharmacies. 

Palm Fiber also exports their products across Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Azerbaijan with many more geographies to come. 

With research supported by the Foberg Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Skudai Johor, Palm Fiber Sdn Bhd has all the necessary documents to  certify its products’ safety. Palm Fiber Sdn Bhd produces locally made products certified with Halal and Mesti certification. 

They are now in efforts to apply for the GMP Pharmaceutical Certification. 

Palm Fiber Sdn Bhd has garnered various recognitions. Some of which awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources (Icon Tvet Malaysia 2017), the Ministry of Rural Development (CEO Desa 2018) and most recently by the Ministry of Agriculture as the Best Exporter Entrepreneur 2019.

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