Palm Fiber from waste to wealth


Palm Fiber Sdn.Bhd.operated on 29 September 2014.We are manufacturer of the Oil Palm Fiber Product(OPTF) from trunk.We are producing of raw material base from Oil Palm Trunk Fibre (OPTF) and also manufacturer of the fibre drinks called egtfiber.We are research product with Foberg Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,Skudai Johor.We utilize all the Oil Palm Tree Fibre (OPTF) to produce from the raw material to the end products.The methodology are patent and Trademark.We already commercialize and sellĀ  locally and abroad.Our products that from raw material been sale a lot to local manufacturer and our fibre drinks egtfiber been sale through agent,distributor and pharmacies all over the country.We also have exporting our product to certain country likeĀ Singapore,Hong Kong,China & Azerbijan.We have complete all certifications like Halal,Mesti,Buatan Malaysia Product and now we are applying for GMP Pharmaceutical Certification.We have achieve a few recognition such as Icon Tvet Malaysia 2017 by Minstry Of Human Resources,Ceo Desa 2018 By Ministry Of Rural and Best Exporter Entrepreneur 2019 By Ministry Of Agriculture.


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