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We are ONES

We are a bunch of engineering people passionate about bringing IOT technology to the Malaysia industry.

Established in 2020 by Ng Boon Ping and Khairy Yaakob, we offer the following engineering products and services to our customers;

  • Factory automation software engineering service

  • Industry IOT software engineering service

  • ONES proprietary software solution

  • ONES partner software solution

We are currently developing ONES AWAN IOT, our proprietary IOT gateway software solution.

The Problem

For industrial manufacturer SMEs the production process is often not optimized because the production managers are not able to get the right data from the production floor. These data are important for the plant managers to make critical decisions.

Currently, the industrial IOT solutions in the market does not focus on the cost sensitive and application specific needs of industrial SMEs. Integration to existing automation machines which the majority of industrial SMEs are using are also not catered for.

  • Getting and Recording the Correct Data

Industrial manufacturer SME plant managers need to monitor machine data to know production output and status, machine error and machine health. Accumulated machine data needed to be analysed and calculated to form useful data for plant managers to make the correct decisions in managing production.

Plant managers also need to record and report the data collected to all stakeholders for future process improvement.

Currently many SMEs are using manual processes to draw data from their machines, it is labour intensive, time consuming and error prone.

  • Getting the Right Integration Service

Having an IOT gateway solution is only one part of the equation to a system success, the integration service provided must be also be of good quality. Unlike others in the market, we provide full integration service to our customer’s projects. Our AWAN IOT solution are tested rigorously for data integrity for the machine brands that we are integrating to.

  • Getting an Affordable Product and Service

Many IOT gateway solutions in the market are priced in packages exorbitantly high, it puts the solutions beyond the reach of the manufacturers especially the SMEs. Our solution is cost effective and scalable to even being able to integrate to the smallest integration project.

This partly explains the low adoption rate of industrial IOT in the manufacturing industry despite the concept of I4.0 being introduced almost a decade ago. We believe with the right product to tackle the SMEs pain points and with the right implementation, we can help the SMEs to use IOT to their benefits.

Our Solution

The industrial IOT gateway software solution to link the machine to the IT world. AWAN IOT enables user to integrate new and existing automation machines seamlessly to cloud or server  database. This integration allows user to monitor and control the machine remotely and in real time.

AWAN IOT is developed with the target users in mind, the functions in the application are developed to alleviate the pain points the users face in their day to day work;

  • Ready integration of AWAN IOT to new and legacy machines

  • Easy configuration of multiple network protocols and automation controllers

  • Easy to set up data remote monitoring and control

  • Ready made and made for client specific application widget within AWAN IOT

  • Data point analysis and calculation functions to get useable result

  • Customisable report template for automated data recording

  • Customisable UI for OEM clients

  • AWAN IOT mobile app for easy monitoring

awan iot industrial solution 1

awan iot industrial solution 2

The Target Market

The target market are the industrial manufacturer SMEs and subsequently agriculture SMEs.

We see the current market space as perfect competition.

There is no dominant player in the market and no established standard for industrial IOT implementation. The mobile and Internet adoption rate is increasing at exponential level. There is strong support for the i4.0 activity from the government and there is little resistance from the industry as a whole to the i4.0 movement.

In the market we see the following competitors and we measure the strengths and weaknesses of our product and service to theirs;

awan iot industrial competition

The marketing used to reach this target market is done in 3 stages.

At the initial stage during MVP I and II, we use the system integrators who are also our early adopters to upsell the solution to their customers who are industrial manufacturer SMEs. This approach allows us to get market validation from our system integrators to improve our solution at MVP II and MVP III and at the same time, we leverage the network of customers available to our system integrators. We plan to roll out the solution to 10 system integrators at the soft launch of MVP I. We have already identified 4 system integrators and plan to identify the remaining 6 by end of February 2021.

The marketing used for this stage will be content marketing using digital format (PDF brochure) focusing on the getting started on the solution and getting familiar with the functionality that is relevant to solving customer’s problems. Another primary channel used is creating YouTube video tutorials that are useful for system integrators to get familiar with the AWAN IOT solution.

The secondary channel used is setting up the ONES SYSTEM website. The website will create awareness about our company and product and capture any online customers.

awan iot industrial marketing stage 1

At the second stage after MVP III, we expect to have direct contact to industrial manufacturer SMEs who are our early majority. We will also enter the agriculture SMEs market.

The content marketing will be expanded to cater to the industrial manufacturer SMEs with content focus on configuration and day-to-day use of the AWAN IOT solution. This content marketing will be in digital format (PDFs and videos). In support of this marketing activity, we will increase the size of customer service and aftersales team to support the integration activities of these customers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The secondary marketing channel to be added at this stage is email marketing to our list of customers. This will be used to share the update of our current product line up and promote our new product suitable to the customers.

awan iot industrial marketing stage 2

We forecast the AWAN IOT solution to gain maturity in the market within 2-3 year period where we can leverage on the ONES brand reputation in the local industrial market to enable us to target larger industrial players. This will also allow us to expand further into the key target market of agriculture SMEs.

At the third stage, we plan to consolidate the brand image of a reliable solution provider with keen understanding of application needs of the industrial manufacturers using targeted paid digital marketing. We will also continue to use the content marketing videos (YouTube videos),  content marketing digital PDFs (embedded in ONES SYSTEM website) as primary channel. The secondary channel will be the ONES SYSTEM website and email marketing to targeted existing customers and potential new customers.

awan iot industrial marketing stage 3

Our Market Traction

In May 2020, a collaboration with EMEC Packaging Solutions Sdn Bhd who agreed to conduct testing on their machines, we built first proof of concept for AWAN IOT. The proof of concept was tested on 21st July 2020 on EMEC’s Form Fill Seal integated to a local server and presented to team members involved.

In October 2020, we were awarded a project by Bosch Rexroth Sdn Bhd to integrate our IOT solution. The project is currently still ongoing.

Our Development

Our development progress in 2020

awan iot industrial development 2020

Our planned development for 2021

awan iot industrial development 2021

The Financial Projection

We forecast that the year 2021 will be R&D intensive as we are committed in creating the best product for our customers. However, we are already seeing interests in our product and service and we are building on these interests to expand our business network and get valuable market validation. The potential income from these early interests will also be used to fund our continuous R&D activities and help us in positioning ourselves in the market.

Thus far, we build our financial projection conservatively to target 2022 as the start of our revenue generation year. In our 5 year projection, we forecast that our products and services will generate annualized ROI of 72.6% for our stakeholders.

awan iot industrial financial projection

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