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  • NexODN is a machine learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Paas platform founded in 2018 that uplifts organic traffic and ranking through AI Big data modeling
  • Our mission is to empower every organisation to reach and understand what their target audience need especially to ensure them to achieve top ranking in the shortest time possible and should they be able to adapt the Google Algorithm changes in their machine learning.
  • NexODN is the world’s first, most reliable Machine Learning Paas designed to help clients outrank their competitors no matter the niche
  • Until today, only the market leaders get to rule the industry, while others don't. NexODN can ensure you get your most competitive keywords terms that your competitors are taking advantage of. This can help you to outperform competitors
  • With growing prospects and clients, NexODN forged ahead to help clients generate leads into quality ones. 
  • Google has made 3200 algorithm launches annually which contributed to the changes of SEO that impacts the conversion rate optimization (CRO). The issue would affect organic traffic and ranking entirely. 
  • Business Owners struggling to drive business revenue and sales lead
  • Unable to identify competitor’s keywords that make them rank in the 1st page
  • Traditional SEO Process is too obsolete and takes up too much time to show results

At NexODN, we pride ourselves on ensuring the following problems encountered by clients will be resolved in shortest possible time :

  • Can’t find your website on Google search engine?

We provide precise keyword recommendations based on your target audience & searcher intent targeting. 

  • Are you taking too much time trying to rank your website?

We provide accurate location-based rank tracking, real time rank changes update, and schedules for rank tracking updates

  • Having trouble trying to drive quality traffic to your website?

We can identify, compare and leverage strategies from your competitor’s website. AI Content Topic Recommendations are based on content-driven sites  such as medium, reddit, & etc.

  • Hard time converting quality leads from your website traffic?

We provide a smart reporting dashboard to view all performance reporting such as website site audit, website ranking, keyword & content analysis, and other upcoming features such as lead generation management.


We offer three main products as follows:

1. AI Recommendation Feature

This feature is powered by AI Big Data Modeling by entering your URL, Location and seed keyword, it  will directly tell you how close your content or website is to getting ranked on the first page of SERP. The Meta Tags and content recommendation will be presented to see the comparison within the Top 10 results in the selected region. It is also capable of understanding small nuances(difference between light lime green and lime green) & differences between similar words and then grouping them accordingly(topic modeling). Through several quick rounds of processing, important terms of each competitors website will then be shown to you in just a matter of minutes.

2. Autopilot SEO System

The Auto Pilot SEO system is the world’s first NLP Processing system that automates your SEO tagging process with machine learning. Go on full fledged autopilot mode and get it done within minutes. Our machine recommends the best meta title & description for you and executes on all your pages automatically.

3. Lead Management System 

  • Receive Leads Securely in Real-Time

Receive leads from multiple sources in real-time via our Secured API, NexODN forms or by importing files. Many of our NexODN ML Pass clients that operate their own landing pages integrate form registration directly into NexODN. Our Facebook, Email, whatsapp integration (this features not in the current plan but could be considered) enables you to sync your lead form data directly into your NexODN Lead Gen campaigns. 

  • Real-Time Lead Validation

No more excuse for receiving duplicates, dead, invalid or incorrectly formatted leads. You can authorise incoming leads by setting up highly customisable rules and validation services. It eliminates invalid leads generated online from publishers ensuring highest possible quality which resulted to saves time, money and builds confidence in the quality of leads

  • Real Time Customized Lead Distribution/Routing

This enables you to fully automate the routine of lead distribution to your sales Personnel via NexODN powerful API schedulers, which can be based on custom rules. At any given time of the day, our system supports any custom rules schedules for the incoming leads.

  • Manage Your Returns

Processing scrubs (Leads that were not purchased) can be time consuming. We've made it super simple to return leads saving hours every month. Dupe against your customer base in real-time and build custom validation logic to always get the right lead.

  • Real-Time Reporting & Schedule Event and Notes for every inquiry

Identify your most profitable lead sources at any given time with insightful reports. See which sources are performing and monitor the performance of lead nurturing and conversions with SMS and Email. Get notified with Powerful scheduling for every steps of the lead


The relevance of artificial intelligence has made digital marketing not only for local concern but global as well. The team is continued to be driven by our sense of responsibility to grow further and expand beyond to become the leading SEO machine learning PAAS. NexODN has proudly nurtured more than 300+ customers across the country.  As of 2020, sales are approximately 1.6M+ and  we are projecting that 2023 will bring in RM16M+ of revenue with a higher profit across various countries. 






We pride ourselves with a thorough overview of clients’ objectives and getting fully acquainted with their brand products and services. The ever-evolving artificial intelligence requires a strong team to thrive ahead to reach its peak of audiences.  With a strong customer relationship, commitment and a proven business model, we have built over 300+ existing B2B and B2C customers. NexODN is poised to reach Asia Pacific by the end of 2022.



1. First model: Subscription Plan

Classic Plan VS Platinum Plan

Premium Plan

2. Second model: Managed Preferred Plan

3. Third model: Platform as a service (Paas)


According to SME Corporation Malaysia, 98.5% of businesses are SMEs. 76.5% are microenterprise, 21.2% are small businesses, and the remaining 2.3% are medium enterprise. Besides that, referring to the data on Statistics Singapore, there are 220,100 enterprises up to 2017, and 99% of them are SMEs. 

There is indeed huge potential to target SMEs businesses. Moreover, based on Statista, the estimated number of users on using an E-commerce website in Malaysia from 2016 - 2022 is up to 21.4 millions, the penetration rate of each year is approximately 3%, the users are mostly aged from 25-34 years old. 

Statistics also show that in the Oceania region, in NSW, Australia there are a total of 736,000 SMB businesses, as for New Zealand there are 515,046, among 69% of the businesses have a website, and 72% of the businesses have internet sales in 2016.  This trend shows that the number of users on the e-commerce side is increasing every year, it is crucial for business owners to understand what sort of Meta datas, internal link structure, and content could attract more quality leads and ultimately the buyers. 

Until now, only the market leaders get to rule the industry, and other businesses don’t stand a chance to rank. NexODN changes everything because it helps you discover most competitive keywords/Terms  that your top-performing competitors are currently taking advantage of. NexODN also will tell you which topic you have to write your content and  which terms need to be included to outperform your competitors

Market Penetration Layout Plan (2021-2022)


We strongly believe that clients may have experienced other tools such as ahref, SEMrush google suggest and the list continues, they’ll be given a list of keyword suggestions but not knowing how and what to do next. The curiosity to know which keywords give the best result may trigger them well.

With NexODN, known as The World’s First Intelligent SEO Machine Learning Paas, clients will be shown high impact keywords that we are sure to reward you with solid top ranks in the short time possible. Due to its uniqueness, we are guaranteed that this ranking opportunity is like no other tool out there.


We aim high to raise RM5 MILLION from this Equity Crowdfunding round  for 2020.


Our aim is to benefit clients in overcoming which research tool and keyword to use on clients' sites to acquire the highest ranking in SERP which naturally brings in highly targeted traffic and leads. This is done by uncovering competitor’s (same and different location) keywords and seeing what makes them rank in the first place! We will ensure that clients will be shown high impact keywords that reward you with solid top ranks in a short time possible. 


Francis Lui - Founder & CEO of  NexODN

Francis is the pioneer of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Malaysia who has witnessed the evolution of SEO throughout the decade. Being involved in SEO since the Yahoo era, his intensive experience has placed several scores of websites ranging from small and medium enterprises to multinational companies in top positions than any other SEO company in the South East Asia region. His oratorical abilities and keen sense of observation have made him a very popular and respected speaker when it comes to digital marketing in the region. His talks are very insightful and educational in nature.

Bernie Law - Executive Director of NexODN

Bernie is  the co-founder of Nexus Mediaworks International who worked together with Francis to build the digital marketing community in Malaysia.


  • May Hor - Financial Controller (CFO)

Equipped with more than 4 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. May knows well the challenges that digital marketing agencies face in terms of finance especially when it comes to management fee collection.

  • Mansour - Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAI)

Mansour has been in the programming and AI field for almost a decade. With his expertise, Mansour is in charge of the development of NexODN system which includes AI features.

  • Hamza Alow - Technical Lead (TL)

Certified Laravel Developer and Software Engineer with over 4 years in developing web applications using modern technologies focusing on CRMs and ERPs. 



Malaysia’s economy has moved to greater heights as more businesses are moving towards digitalization. We are honored to be selected by DNA as we move towards a common goal in helping businesses overcome the pandemic by generating quality leads to help businesses thrive even during challenging times. 




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