A Leading Agri-Business that deliver values to Customers and Shareholders 领先的农业企业,为客户和股东提供价值


Newleaf is a Malaysian agricultural company started by a group of professionals with extensive experience in agribusiness and plantation management. From plantation and processing to export and international trade, we have a complete agri-value chain in the durian industry. Newleaf has gained a lot of media attention over the years and it has been reported in international media such as CCTV China, Channel News Asia Singapore, The Edge Market Malaysia and many more. Our goal is to elevate the durian industry to a whole new level and create a complete agroecosystem, starting with our unprecedented share-farming programme. 

曾被多家媒体报道,如中国中央电视台CCTV,新加坡Channel News Asia,马来西亚东方日报,The Edge Markets 等等。新叶集团是马来西亚新晋企业,由专业且富有农务经验的团队组成。新叶专门从事榴 莲种植,出口,贸易与零售,旨在将榴莲种植提升到更高层次,创造完整的农业生态系统,并致力打造前所未有的榴莲共享垦殖计划——“天下第一榴”。

Corporate Video:https://youtu.be/s93bkSw6UJ8
Official Website | 官网:www.newleaf.com.my
Facebook | 脸书:facebook.com/newleafplantation
Instagram | 图享:@newleafplantation
WeChat Official | 微信公众号:newleafplantation


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