The world's best nasi lemak



NALE is a nasi lemak specialty store designed to elevate the nasi lemak dining experience, rediscover the glory days of nasi lemak and introduce nasi lemak to the whole world, making Malaysians proud



There is no definitive representation of nasi lemak on the global stage because no one believes in nasi lemak enough to open a nasi lemak specialty store for the global market.

Locally nasi lemak doesn't get the recognition it deserves compared to its foreign count parts. Quality of Nasi lemak at many places nowadays is going down due to rising cost of raw materials and the general public expectations that nasi lemak is supposed to be a low priced food.



To make nasi lemak world class would require lifting up its standard in 3 areas which is the quality of ingredients used, a ‘wow’ ambience and heart warming hospitality which completes the whole nasi lemak experience.

It is the right time to bring the national to the global scene with these changes. The biggest challenge is to get Malaysians to be willing to pay more for a good plate of nasi lemak, it's only with the support of Malaysians that we can bring this dish global

In line with Malaysians’ hunger to restore unity among races, nasi lemak could play a very crucial role in reuniting Malaysians. With the involvement of Malaysians of all races in the building of NALE, this dream will definitely come true And prove that Malaysian food can compete with global brands (i.e. McDonalds, Subway) at the international level.



Nasi Lemak with variety of sauces and sambals which enables a larger range of market

Different types of sambals made from dried chillies, fresh chillies. These variety of sambals will definitely add to the excitement of enjoying nasi lemak

The star of NALE is the uniquely concocted sauces which is the nale and gulai sauce.



Food is made to order to maintain freshness as opposed to precooking

Boneless meat for a premium eating experience

High Quality ingredients, cosy environment, amazing hospitality

We call it the “ ultimate nasi lemak experience “



Middle upper-class working adults and family



Nasi lemak specialty store based mainly in shopping malls and shoplots in affluent areas



Main cities and towns in Malaysia and later stage main cities in the world.



Village park, madam kwan’s, nandos,



MIDF, own funds, investors



To elevate the Nasi Lemak experience and to put this dish on the world map as the representative of the best of Malaysia alongside our Asian counterparts such as Thai, the Indian and Chinese cuisines



Currently 10% at outlet level and 4.2% at holding level



Andreas Domingo, has 14 years experience in F&B. He started from scratch with zero knowledge and experience. He mastered the skills of creating unique recipes and concepts based on demand of consumers



Fanny Sapdanita, has 14 years experience in F&B, handles operation and backend



The star, Malay mail,

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