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Nanyang F&B Management Services SDN BHD as the name implies is an F&B group focusing on the mass market. We own and trademarked the brand “Nanyang Kopitiam 南洋茶室” and “Nanyang Lao Di Fang”. Currently, we operate 3 food courts and 1 Nanyang Lao Di Fang in Bukit Jalil. We have signed two units, one in The Curve Damansara and the other in Bukit Jalil. Since our establishment in 2020, we grew from one to three food courts within one year of operation. Our vision is to be the number 1 food court operator in Malaysia and to expand into ASEAN + 1 (China).


Food Panda and Grab Food focus more on onboarding restaurants, whereas for Hawkers to get on board, they will need to provide SSM documents, which they will need to borrow from the restaurant owner. Another problem is the high prices for food in shopping malls. Once we penetrate shopping malls, we aim to maintain our reasonable price, thereby solving the food problem of retail staff within the shopping mall itself.


Nanyang Kopitiam provides a branding strategy, helping Hawkers to boost their brand awareness via digital marketing and promotional activities. We enable them to unleash their potential so that they can expand together with us. On our App, for now, we are open only to our hawkers with no requirements, providing a hassle-free solution. Moving forward as the app matures, we are targeting all Malaysian hawkers to join our platform.

It’s not just about selling drinks and collecting rentals; we aim to provide a platform and ecosystem for our business partners to grow with us and provide food at affordable prices.


Apart from offering stall spaces to individual hawkers, we sell great local Ipoh Coffee and Tea. These are our signature products that make our customers come back every time.

We also provide, at this moment, a free brand development strategy for our stall operators, free digital marketing via social media, and google search. In the future, once everything is ready, we will start charging fees for marketing and brand development.

Via resources from our physical stores, we extend our business model into our app to penetrate further into Malaysia. Franchising is in the pipeline, but we are looking into ways and a business model that suits the food court franchise business. This relates to Nanyang Kopitiam's coffee and tea powder business.

In 10 months, we achieved revenue of RM 844,000, with a gross margin of RM406,000

Our current Gross Margin is 48%. We estimate that it can reach 69% after our transformation process is reflected. 


Nanyang Kopitiam customers include a variety of different stakeholders. For our food court establishment, our customers come from the nearby communities, retail staff, and office workers in the area. To attract this segment, we aim to provide affordable food, a clean environment, great service, and good food. All these characteristics are very important for the sustainability of the business.

Our brand development and marketing segment includes stall operators that are within our establishment as well as operators that are not within our establishment but want to join our app. Nanyang Kopitiam is neither big nor small, but we are quite famous in this industry where we support our stall operators, providing them with the necessary resources to sustain business and make profits.

For our app, we are mainly focusing on a state-by-state basis. Moving forward with our franchise opportunities, we are looking at potential business owners to franchise our brand. This segment will be a later stage of our business.

Business Model
Key Activities 
  1. Providing a venue for local hawkers to a operate their own kitchen.

  2. Selling quality beverages, especially local coffee, at affordable prices.

  3. Provide consultancy to hawkers on brand development

Revenue Streams
  1. Collection of stall rental from hawkers

  2. Drink sales

  3. 5% service charge on app transaction

  4. Advertising charges for stall operators


F&B industry is highly competitive, it is estimated that Malaysia has 200,000 establishments. Hence, the market size itself is huge. We aim to capitalize on our strategy to outcompete other establishments. Continuously improve our service standard, drinks quality, relationship with hawkers and our suppliers, we aim to develop an eco-system that contributes to the growth of Nanyang Kopitiam.

Once we build our Klang Valley market, we will start rolling into other states via franchising or our app. Subsequently, intend to expand into ASEAN + 1 (China), via joint ventures or franchising.


Our major competitor, for now, is other traditional food courts. Moving forward we see ourselves competing with food courts such as Food Republic and other major food courts in Malaysia. Included also are Food Panda and Grab. They are giants now, but they started small too.


The Offer
Equidam Pre Money Valuation: RM 6,893,517


Our Incentives for Investors
Nanyang Lao Di Fang
  • 25% off the bills on any drinks and food.
  • 35% discount birthday month for spouse and investor.
  • Priority seating on our live events.
Nanyang Kopitiam
  • •15% off the bills on all drinks and food.
  • •Birthday month free 9 drinks.
Nanyang F&B Management Services SDN BHD
  • 3% bonus share for early investors of 6 blocks.

6 x 20 x 1.03 = 123.6 shares

  • 6% bonus share for early investors of 11 blocks.

11 x 20 x 1.06 = 233.2 shares

  • 12% bonus shares for early investors of 23 blocks.

23 x 20 x 1.12 = 515.2 shares

T&C: lifetime or when we go for listing to exit. 


The vision of Nanyang F&B is to be the number food court operator in Malaysia and expanding into ASEAN + 1 (China), expanding into the FMCG market, and developing our superfood app. Small little step we are relentlessly pursuing our vision.


pitchIN is our first approach for investment. All the investments made to open shop, develop brand and apps are invested by owner and founder. The reason why we are looking into investment now is that we are ready to have partners. We are ready for accountability. In the first year of operation, we focused mainly on developing the brand, building a foundation, building an income stream, and fine-tuning the business model. This is important to not have interruptions via multiple partners and it may be bound to fail due to a lack of efficient decision making. Now that we have a stable foundation, income stream, our own business model, and identified our growth point, we are ready to have investors on board to support our growth. This is the reason why we are looking at investors to be our partners and we will be responsible for them. Furthermore, our accounts are now in proper condition. A responsible company secretary is supporting us, along with trustworthy auditors.


Kenny Lim How Chiang is the founder of Nanyang F&B. He has vast experience in the retail industry, brand development, and business expansion. Having worked for Swatch Group as VP of Calvin Klein watches + jewelry and VP of Rado Singapore Malaysia and subsequently as Country Manager for TSL Jewelry. He has exposure in China as Director of Operation for Aussino Group, a listed company in Singapore.


We work based on a lean operation. Currently, we have two in the management team including the founder and Sunny Chan as operation manager. She worked for Rado in sales before, and a travel agency as a tour guide. Under the guidance of the founder, she has managed to develop operation skills. Recently, the company also supported her to pursue an Extended Diploma in Digital Marketing. Nanyang F&B also believes in developing its team members.

Another key person at Nanyang F&B is the barista master. He is from Indonesia and makes great coffee. Also, he is the foundation for us to create our own coffee powder.

Lastly, despite being our outsourced accountant, Jessie has more than 10 years of experience in the F&B industry, providing useful comments on our margin, and costing, plus accounting directions.


Official Opening of our first Franchise Store, a father wish to build stable future for the son, we have been chosen to fulfill the dream. More exciting development from Nanyang Kopitiam soon.

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Nanyang Kopitiam Arabica Coffee Launching This Wednesday!

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Arabica Coffee by Nanyang Kopitiam


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Two New Outlets Coming Soon!

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Opening 15th November 2021: 
Opening on 24th December 2021: One Utama

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