Ensure the safety of the public and brings harmony to the citizen


N Strike Tech enterprise is a company that is established in year 2016. We are specialize in supporting businesses like Food and Beverage, Restaurants, Retails and et cetera.

Thanks to our clients that have been supporting us for more than 2 years. Below are the list of our clients:

  1. Wings Cottage Restaurant (Kampar) - Operating
  2. Restoran Gong Hin (Kampar) - Operating
  3. Chop Chin Lee (Ipoh) - Operating
  4. Toys Etc Enterprise (Kampar) - Operating
  5. Warung Kam Seng (Kampar) - Closed

Today in year 2018, We are currently in developing a project so called “Sharp Eye”, a desktop application which ensure the safety of the public and brings harmony to the citizen.

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