Revolutionizing transit advertising on Ride Sharing, Food Delivery and Last Mile delivery.



Rodeo orginated from the Spanish word is derived from the verb Rodear, meaning "to surround" or "go around". We adopted the name to represent us, because we are strong in will power, persistence, never give up attitude and innovation mindset. 

  • 5-man company with vast knowledge in Advertising, Marketing and Technology.
  • Innovation instict with 2 Industrial Design registered and 2 pending.
  • Providen track record and have market fit product by executing more than 100 campaigns
  • Strong clientele based serviving more than 50 advertisers, recruited more than 10,000 vehicle assets.
  • Strong revenue growth with merely RM10,000 paid-up grown to RM4.4M in just 3 years.
  • The funds will be used to scale our work force and enhance our current technology by incorporating Machine Learning, IoT and Computer vision for better scalability and growth.

Rodeo Facts & Figures

1) 3 Years of proven track record
Revenue has grown from RM 43,460 in 2017 to RM4.4million in 2019 with CAGR of 365%, recording profits for 3 years in a row (2017, 2018 and 2019).

2) Strong organic growth
-x437 capital efficiency – Grew Rodeo with RM 10k paid up capital to RM 4.4 million cumulative revenue (2017-2020)

3) Market fit product and proven business model
More than just a B2B platform by executing more than 100 campaigns and with retaining clients.

4) Growth opportunities ahead of the new normal
(i) Pivot opportunities - bundling Rodeo activities with Influencer Marketing Gamification App "RodeoGO" capitalising Online Marketing opportunity.

5) Proprietary technology
Our web and mobile technology are built from scratch & 100% owned by Rodeo.

6) Upselling opportunities
Rodeo have designed and submitted design patent for Rodeo Shield. A shield which is designed to be installed in ride sharing cars as to provide safety shield from bacteria, crimes and privacy between riders and drivers. A must to have product especially at this current situation as to combat COVID-19

Take a view of the product:-

  1. Typically vehicle value depreciate 25% for first year and 15% subsequent year. It is always percised liability from accouting point of view but we want to break that stereotype by monetizing them as a canvas for advertising.
  2. On the other hand advertising on vehicles is nothing new as it has been around since 1990's but then till today there is no concrete technology that provide cohesive metrics or deep data to advertiser by providing impression data, effectiveness of the campaign, campaign in-sight and lot more. Moreever this problem also faced by other offline media's as well.

  1. We wanted to create mobility media that influencing people in motion by transforming the vehicles as canvas to ferry advertisements covering 3 main driver for gig economy which are ride sharing cars, food delivery motorcycle, last mile delivery such as lorry and trucks.
  2. We have developer proprietary technology by incorporating IoT (Offline) and Gamification (Online) called Rodeo IoT and RodeoGO. We are using technology to transform this tradisional media.

    Rodeo IoT will now can provide a solution to gauge impression data, in-car ride metrics, population density data and lastly the platform provide Wifi to every riders who get on board with ride sharing. This deep data will provide better in-sight for advertiser to analysis their campaign, activate geo-location based campaign and run re-targeting campaigns using the data.

    RodeoGO will help to gamify the offline campaign to online by bringing the traction to social media to maximise the reach. Typically everyone will either avoid or shy away from engaging with advertisements and as advertisers there is no solid data on their media buy regardless if it is digital or offline. Now by having RodeoGO, everyone will have every reason to engage with advertisements regardless if it is offline or online as they will be rewarded in the form of cash and voucher. With the technology, now we can provide advertisers answers on Who, Where, When on real-time and very useful data for re-targeting as well.


We have built an online platform that allows us to manage clients’ campaigns all-in-one place such as:
a.    Book 
b.    Design
c.    Manage
d.    Measure


We have developed an app that enable us to recruit drivers, publish every campaign and getting the interested drivers to bid for respective campaign based on their liking. The app also act as a tool to reach out information related to E-Hailing Industry in Malaysia as to be contact point. The app has another feature that is to publish promotions that related to this vertical as to offer special package or rates.


Measure the impact of the high-recall out of home (OOH) Rodeo. The dashboard is to access campaign metrics in real-time.

  • Attribution
  • Retargeting
  • Impressions
  • Mileage
  • Heat Maps
  • Daily Routes

Every advertisers will be given an access to their campaign as to allow them monitor their campaign on real-time.

  1. Rodeo have established partnership with OYO to monetize the rooms by providing In-Room Advertising. Rodeo also secured 12.8M million rooms within SEA.
  2. We are also humble to state that we have contributed more than RM1M to our gig economy.
  3. Generated total revenue RM4.4M in 3 years with combining more than 50 advertisers.


We live with technology disruption but we believe business is about people and trust and that is why Rodeo brings brands together and amplify the gig Economy.


We provide omni-channel advertising solution and each of them will have minimum media buy and in average we should have minimum of 40% - 70% profit margin from every media booking.


Ride Sharing advertising market size alone valued $245 Million in South East Asia.  In addition to that, based on latest NIELSEN 2019 Out-Of-Home Advertising study reveals that Wrapped Vehicle provides 64% highest brand recall-ness compared to any other OOH media.


  1. Unlike our competitor, Rodeo provides 360 media solution by offering variety on media solutions and incorporating gamification and augmented data.
  2. We are innovators and currently have 2 products have Industrial Design Pattern and 2 ID pending.
  3. Every campaign we execute, we embed creativity and big ideas as to create wow factor. We have introduced first of its kind incorporating 3D and Mechanical on Car branding for Kenny Rogers Roasters. 
  4. Our target primarily would be SME/Start-Ups as we are competitive in business model.

Kenny Rogers Roasters (Depict roasted chicken on the Roof):-


We are looking to raise minimum RM 500K to RM 1Million maximum for our expansion. 

The funds will be used for :-

  1. Team expansion
  2. Improve our current technology by incorporating AI
  3. Working Capital
  4. Marketing & Branding as to capture bigger market share


Everybody needs a superhero or even looks up to one. Such as the universe has "Superman" whereas the e-Hailing economy? They have Rodeo.


Founders shared deep passion towards integrating advertising and technology. Togetherness and working together for one vision have navigated the ups and downs of building a business from ground zero and to be one of the leading transit media specialist in Malaysia. 

Infact, the beginning of time was tough as being a small company everyone in Rodeo had to play different cards simultaneously. A marketer, a designer, installer, producer and many more.

But in the end the best thing I see was to know what defines Rodeo.


Our Rodeo team (as we like to call it - Sheriff!) consists of young and hungry to push their talents beyond their comfort zone. The team works in unity with a shared common goal in mind. Together, we seek to achieve milestones with Rodeo and in turn, elevate Transit and digitize them.

Be part of this legend. We are here NOT to share our dreams but we are here sharing our factual journey which is happening right in front of your eyes. We bring reality to you.


https://youtu.be/2kWhnvhhEm0 - DOLE " World Largest Fruit and Vegetables producer"
https://youtu.be/CD4fcye4g28 - Air Selangor "Water Tank Branding"
https://youtu.be/15_7hxZpSfQ - Rodeo Shield "Covid-19 Safety Shield"
https://youtu.be/cP-Ld8ay_qA - Super Coffee "What is morning without a cup of coffee"
https://youtu.be/EnZcpbtk5m0 - SportsDirect "Increase Footfall"
https://youtu.be/e9xY-0UUQ54 -  Kenny Rogers Roaster " First of its kind 3D Mechanical"
https://youtu.be/x_3p_IeCdBo - Tune Protect " 3D Model show casing type of insurance products"
https://youtu.be/Gh1_kw01h9M - Swatch "Rodeo Cycle"
https://youtu.be/-DrFkqdt_0U - AXA " Launching eMedic"
https://youtu.be/DefXBDt434g - Happy Fresh "Fortune Cookies CNY"
https://youtu.be/FhIbH7AJCIg - Lazada "11.11 Festival Season"














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