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Runner.my an online marketplace for job seekers (Runners) and job providers (JobGivers) to interact and share their needs for their own benefits; Creating opportunities everywhere. Runner.my works greatly for both Runners and JobGivers. This platform helps the community for JobGivers who are willing to pay for a job or task that needs to be done and Runners who are willing to do the job or task for the JobGiver, for a certain fee. Runner.my becomes the marketplace where they can go to and find the right person with the right skill or knowledge looking to make an income. Similarly, anyone who needs a job done (of any type) can use Runner.my to find the right person to do so. Our objective is to provide equal opportunities for both; JobGivers to get the high quality services they deserve and Runners to do what they enjoy and earn money at the same time.
  • Idris Yahya
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Rashdan Alan Manan
    Marketing Guy
  • Nu'aim Kaz Kamal
  • Afiq Farouk
    Operations Man

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