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I used to handle PR for a few 5-star hotels that have long-staying guests from various countries. After a month or so, they started to hanker for dishes from back home which are not on our menu. So our chef will prepare some of these specialty dishes from their respective countries, just for them. The same thing with me. I have stayed in Singapore, Johor, Kuching and have roots in Indonesia and India and my late mum tried to cook some of the specialty dishes from these areas to provide variety in our meals. Following tradition, I prepare comfort food like those on my portfolio - stuff that makes you think of food back home, wherever it is, using our own home-grown recipes.
  • Datin Hasnah Abdul Rahman
    Founder, Dapur Hasnah

Beta Testing Our App

over 3 years ago by Dapur Hasnah

Hey everyone, we're currently beta tasting an app for Dapur Hasnah. This app will make it easier to order food from our marketplace and it will be available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Right now, this Beta Release is only available for Android. If you're interested in checking out our Beta, please download the APK below (Android Only): https://www.dropbox.com/s/tab8983v84bfg…/Dapur%20Hasnah.apk…

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